Why Web Hosting is essential to your website ranking

There are some factors regarding your shared web hosting plan that influence your site’s ranking, i.e. your position in search engine result pages. Bad web hosting may lead to bad positions or even penalties, meaning you won’t be found in the top 30, 50 or 1000 results regardless of your efforts. So it’s quite essential to know how your hosting plan may harm findability of your blog, portfolio or company website, and which steps to take to improve your ranking.

Speed is important. Slow servers that are stuffed with hundreds or thousands of hosting clients may not only disgust your visitors, but also search engines. Highly ressource consuming CMS systems may also lead to weak performance. In 2010, website speed has become an official criterion and part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Better be aware of that and take all necessary steps to improve your website’s speed.

But how fast is my website compared to others? Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools and register your website. In Google Labs/Website Performance, you’ll see if you belong to the slow or the fast, and there you’ll also find suggestions to improve the performance, as well as a link to the Page Speed plugin for Firefox browsers.

If you have taken all technical steps but your site remains too slow, your web server may be the reason. Crowded servers are weak performers, and if you regularly experience dropouts or get stuck when trying to load your site, your web host may have put too many customers on one single server. Too crowded servers also tend to have a lot of downtime. Contact your hosting company and ask them why your site is so slow, and what they can do the solve this issue. If they regretfully shake their heads, change your webhost until you’ve found a fast and cooperative one.

Speed is nice, but not the only web hosting ingredient to good rankings. You also need to get rid of “bad neighbourhood” on your server, meaning that there may be bad sites (spammers, blackhats, scammers, …) on the same server IP like you. Search engines reason that your site may also be of a bad kind and place you backward. A reverse IP check will tell you who your neighbourhood actually is, and some investigation on their quality may pan out. To be absolutely save, ask your web host for an exclusive IP for your shared hosting account, which may be available for little money.

You see that there are some issues related to web hosting that may contribute to the position in which you can be found. Thank God there are easy, affordable steps to remove these potential obstacles to your success.

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