Overall Rating
Reliability & Uptime 3.383.383.383.383.38
Usability 3.753.753.753.753.75
Customer Support 3.313.313.313.313.31

Webhostingpad.com provides web hosting since 2005 with a team of industry veterans intent on delivering the best value in web hosting. Their hosting plans are quite affordable, starting as low as $1.99 a month! According to many customers, they deliver the best value in Internet hosting.

With Webhostingpad.com you can count on award-winning customer service, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Backup Solution for your Website and much more!

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Plan Details: Space and Traffic: Unlimited | Starting at: $1.99
| Domain: Lifetime
free | One Click Installation of: Blogs, WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, Mambo, Message Board, Site Builder, ...

15 Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating33333
    Reliability & Uptime11111
    Customer Support11111

    WHP is definetly value for money for small and personal websites, e.g. sharing photo’s with family and friends.

    However, if you are planning to host any other sites which shall be customer/outside audience driven then the site is questionable as it generally faces a lot of “unscheduled maintanence” downtime. Perhaps a couple of times a month lasting in excess of a few hours. During this time the “live chat” becomes a robot and essentially no response to queries is provided.

    I have been using WHP for a few years now to host both my personal and a charity based website. I am happy with the downtime for my personal site, however the unstability issue for the charity website is forcing me to look elsewhere.

    Customoer support superb when site is up and running and you want general queries answered, however during times or urgency, customer services fails to deliver.


  • Overall RatingNot Rated
    Reliability & Uptime11111
    UsabilityNot Rated
    Customer Support11111
    Price/ValueNot Rated


    I never recommended any one to buy Webhostingpad Web Hosting services; I already existing member of his and tired with them very very Poor services; they guys never notify you regarding your hosting plan activity and suddenly suspend your a/c…

    I strongly preferred not to take this service …


  • Overall Rating11111
    Reliability & Uptime22222
    Customer Support11111

    I have long experience with this company and I never dealt with such a bad customer service who never tried even to apologize for such bad service they provide. I will never make business with this company again even if it is free of charge.

  • I was looking for a web hosting provider and came across webhosting pad. I was a bit confused and wanted to know if “unlimited hosting space” was also “unlimited Disk space” because some hosting providers mislead you and want you to buy disk space once you sign up. So I started an online chat. A rep appeared called Mariah I think, I was asked how she could help, and when I typed in a couple of questions and then waited and waitred and waited for a response. When I typed in “For God’s sake is anyone there? I got a response, “Please type in your issue.”

    I say the CS sucks. keep away.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Reliability & Uptime22222
    Customer Support11111

    Well, if cheap is what you’re looking for, then this is the company. If competent technical support is what you’re looking for, then I would stay away. After having half a dozen of my domains hacked, I attempted to get tech support to provide me with some log files or at least an analysis of the attack … they have steadfastly refused to do *anything* about the attack … well, they HAVE offered to delete my entire account and let me start over, thus wiping out YEARS of design, development, etc. Great solution? No. Stay away.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Reliability & Uptime11111
    Customer Support33333

    I liked the fact that they seemed cheap and pretty feature heavy. I was looking for a new hosting provider for VPS but I figured I would test on something cheaper first. I bought the cheapest annual plan and got an instant confirmation of purchase…48hour and counting later…NOTHING. They apparently do not have automatic account configuration which even the cheapest resellers and host offer (WHMCS, WHM, etc, all do it in the script).

    After complaining and giving them a chance to rectify it they chose instead to refund my money and tell to find another host. I happily will, I am just disappointed for the waste of my time. Glad to find out that they suck in the beginning than after I am dependent on support and service. I would happily pay triple the price not to deal will a company like this.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support55555

    I use Webhostingpad Web Hosting for the past a year or so, host few sites and different web applications (drupal, wordpress and some picture gallery specific php apps) and they are great.

    Good technical service and high tech spec.

    The servers preforms quite good.

    Definitely recommended.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support55555

    I don’t want to spend a lot of money on webhosting as one host seems to bee as good as another. There are no substantial differences. Webhostingpad does the job at the best price, so I’m a happy customer. I never had any problems with their service.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support55555

    I have been with webhostingpad from past 4 years. NO down time till now really. Specially say thanks to support team working hard.


  • I am not really that happy, i have had many hosts but with this one till now i don’t have much luck, lots of time outs, php sendmail not configured as i am used to. Hope they resolve this soon cause i am not going to stick around with them if it is not solved soon

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support55555

    I subscribed to WebHostingPad 2 years ago and still use it till now. It works well with adsense and has a very cheap price for a starter. Sometimes uptime isn’t good but in total it is OK. What I like best is the support team, it’s fast, when I mail them, they reply within 1 day, that’s not bad. And the last, it’s the best choice for a beginner.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support33333

    I think that the price of hosting monthly is a very affordable rate. With adsense i can easily cover up that amount of money monthly. I have already been using this for a few months for some minor business and there are days where the servers had random downtime, creating much problems for me.

    Also what didn’t help was the customer support. I emailed them for help and the fastest reply i got was only after a week. I would have continued to stick with WebHostingPad but I find it risky.

    Although on the other hand, i like hosts with an unlimited space/bandwidth because I do use up quite a lot. Features like site builder also helped me with building up the site as i don’t really have much skills on building a site without any help.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support44444

    I was looking to set-up a static website for as cheap as possible, and this company seemed like a good choice, because I found some coupons online. At the beginning, my site was on and off very frequently. I contacted the support and issue slowly went away. I got no explanation or acknowledgment from them of what exactly happened and what they did to fix it. In other words, customer service was not the best and not the worst, it was okay. I never got an opportunity to push the limits of the unlimited space or bandwidth feature, but according to their terms and conditions there is a cap on those features. The fact that they use cPanel was a big plus, because it is very easy to use, and does not give a lot of problems. Overall, my experience with them was pleasant, but I would not risk hosting a big web project with them.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support55555

    I used WebHostingPad to host a few websites i had about 2 years ago and have found them very good in the time i used them for. The prices they had were fair i payed $1.95USD a month and was with them for about 4/5 months. The servers never had downtime when i used them which was excellent.. they were very fast on the communications side of things and the servers suite my needs they had good speed (website load times) and excellent range of server features such as PHP 5 and CURL which is what i needed for my sites.

    To conclude i think WebHostingPad is excellent and is the most practical and realible webhost i have used to date i am expecting to swap servers soon and i think this company is one of my first choices.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support44444

    I used WebHostingPad to host one of my websites and I have nothing bad to say about them. The price was great: The amount of features they offer are more than enough for the $1.95/month.
    As for the customer support, they were very fast to respond to/fix my problem. I signed up for the wrong package and didn’t have PHP support and they responded to my email and fixed it within the same day.
    Overall, if you think the space they offer will be enough for what you personally need, I’d say they’re up there with the best hosting companies.

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Webhostingpad Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Which is the most useful plan at Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad offers the following plans based on your monthly expenditure limits and the total time frame which you have in mind; $3.45, $2.95 and $1.99 per month for a one, two and three year period contract respectively. If the duration is to exceed three years, the same previous rates are applicable. The $1.99 per month is one of the best deals offered by any web hosting company. For this measly cost every month, Webhostingpad offers you unlimited storage capacity, unlimited email accounts, unlimited SQL database storage capacity and unlimited sub domains along with your own domain if required. They are supported by a world class data center, have weekly backups of your data to ensure it's not lost in case something goes wrong and also offer a 24 hour dedicated security system to ensure the safety of you data as well as the data traffic on your website. Video and audio streaming is also supported along with MIDI and flash support on the website. With the unparalleled features being offered for such a low price and the 30 day cash back guarantee, this is the best package available. However, if you are not sure you want to run your website for a three year period or are not sure about having an account with Webhostingpad for that long, you may opt for a shorter duration package. However, very few people have ever had a reason to complain about their services and a longer duration package will serve you better.
Where are the headquarters of Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad has an office on Chicago, IL, as well as in California. Their data centers and office buildings are protected by top-notch security, taking many different measures to protect servers and the privacy of their clients. When you register an account with this hosting company, you will be able to know that all of your information is completely safe. Webhostingpad takes the security of all their data centers very seriously, and they are protected by cameras to deter and detect intruders. Sometimes it is good to know that the hosting company you are choosing is not simply a scam and that they do exist. You will be able to go on Google Maps and see the exact location for yourself, so you know that you have selected a very real and dependable hosting company. Many of these hosting sites do not even list their physical location online, a sure sign that they have something to hide. When your hosting company offers full disclosure to customers, you will be able to rely on them and trust that every penny you are spending on their services will not go to waste. Webhostingpad is a well-established and trusted hosting business and works hard to keep an open line of communication with the general public.
What’s needed to sign up with Webhostingpad?
With the advent of technology, almost anyone can host their own websites. And companies like Webhostingpad have only made it easier. With a minimum monthly fee, you can have your own website set up through the servers of Webhostingpad. There are virtually no prerequisites for signing up with Webhostingpad. If you have your own domain, you can use the same one to sign up with Webhostingpad or if you would like one, Webhostingpad gives you the option at the time of signing up. Apart from this all you have to do to sign up is furnish your personal details and the payment details. Once these are out of the way, you have your own account. The services offered by Webhostingpad make it very easy for the user to set up and run their websites. With the very elegant site builder that comes along with all of the available packages, developing your website is as simple as drag and drop, thereby eliminating the need for strenuous coding. One also does not need any prior experience in programming or web designing since Webhostingpad comes with a number of tools to simplify your designing experience into a simple click-and-choose process which any novice can undertake. Alternatively, an experienced webmaster can choose to make advanced changes as required.
What is included in my hosting plan from Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad has on offer a simple and uncluttered hosting plan with all the essentials for webhosting. Starting at a mere $1.99/month it has a whole load of features that seem too good to be true! With the hosting plan, you are entitled to a free domain that is yours for life and is always free. You also get unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and even unlimited FTP accounts. While you are given one free domain, you can host as many domains as you like on your account, at an extra fee of course. Webhostingpad’s plan features a free Site Builder with a cPanel Control Panel. You can also have Webmail, which is browser based email, an online file manager, spam protection and Fantastico script support. With the hosting plan, you can be sure that your data is safe at the secure data centers that Webhostingpad runs its servers from and you are entitled to reliable and accurate support should you have any problems with your hosting. Webhostingpad also offers e-commerce solutions by providing OS shopping cart and for the security of financial information, password protected directories and Open PGP/GPG encryption. Websites on Webhostingpad can easily host online audio and video streaming. With Webhostingpad you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime and you can be sure that you are using one of the best hosts on the internet!
Webhostingpad: what’s for free?
Webhostingpad is very generous with its hosting plan and offers a lot of webhosting features. With every hosting plan, you get a free domain that is yours for life. By this, Webhostingpad means that nobody else can register for your domain and you have exclusive rights free of charge. Webhostingpad offers unlimited disk space to host all your website files. There is also unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited number of email addresses for your website. For the email accounts, anti-virus and spam protection are also offered free of charge. Webhostingpad offers several webtools for free. These are great to build your website as they are extremely easy to use. There is a Free Site builder that comes with the Fantastico script library with which you can have scripts for blogs, forms etc. In addition, you are also entitled to autoresponders, MySQL databases and even weekly backups. Webhostingpad plans also include free promotion tools for your site. You are given $25 worth of ad credits on Google Adwords, $25 on Yahoo! Search and $50 on Miva for free. These are extremely useful in promoting your site through ads and search engine listings. Webhostingpad protects your data and privacy for free and with all other features that it has on offer, it definitely is one of the best hosts out there!
Webhostingpad: how many websites can I host with one hosting plan?
With an account from Webhostingpad, you will be able to host as many websites/domain names as you wish. It is all part of the unlimited plan, which offers many other features, such as Fantastico script support, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited parked domains/sub-domains. You will also get an unlimited amount of disk space, giving you the ability to store as much data as you wish at one time for your website. When looking at many other hosting companies, additional domains cost extra, but not with Webhostingpad. You can count on an unlimited supply of almost everything, making this hosting company ideal for any businesses looking to enhance their online presence. An unlimited account on Webhostingpad also entitles you to Frontpage extensions and an email auto responder, making this one of the most comprehensive and cheapest hosting plans, priced at just $1.99 per month. Upon looking at many of the other hosting websites on the Internet, you will be hard pressed to find one which offers so many unlimited features at a minimum of expense to you. We all know that saving money is a good thing, but when you also get what you want it’s even better.
Webhostingpad: do they offer any discounts, promo codes or coupons?
When you register for an account at Webhostingpad, there is by default, a coupon code entered which offers you a generous discount. This coupon is called ‘FREEDOMAIN’ and it does what it says. It provides you with the free domain that every hosting plan at Webhostingpad is entitled to. In addition, Webhostingpad is known to offer discounts, coupons and promo codes that are available on dedicated websites on the internet. At the moment, Webhostingpad is offering hosting for $1.99/month, one of the cheapest on the internet. This is a discounted price from the original $2.99/month. Coupons and promo codes for Webhostingpad are often lucrative and there are some that go up to offering a flat $25 off on any hosting plan that you choose. Webhostingpad is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, hosts on the internet. It also has a great reputation for being consistent, reliable and helpful. For all the features it offers, at the prices it quotes, hosting at Webhostingpad is a steal and with the discounts in place you just got an amazing offer! Discounts are usually posted on the website and do note that there is a rule that only one coupon can be used at a time. For example, you might want to avail on a discount rather than have your domain transferred for free.
Webhostingpad: do I need them to run my website?
One of the basic prerequisites for running your own website is a host, unless of course you have your own server. The host being the company that will store all the data of your website, the videos, texts, pictures, scripts etc. And through the hardware capabilities of a host company you can set you your own website for the entire world to see. The hosts usually offer their services at a fee. Webhostingpad is one such host company. With Webhostingpad there will be no limit to the amount of data you can store on the website you will be creating. For those of you who require email accounts to come along with their websites, Webhostingpad offers an unlimited number of email accounts. With 99.9% uptime and a 24 hour backup system which even comes with a backup solution, Webhostingpad ensures that your website always available, secure and insured. Webhostingpad also provides unlimited SQL databases. For the fee they charge, Webhostingpad is well ahead of the competition. It is a very cost effective solution for those of you looking to set up your own website for a business or for recreational purpose or maybe just out of interest.
Should I go for a short or long term plan with Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad offers hosting plans starting for as low as $1.99/month. However, this is only for plans that are for 3 years to 5 years. As the duration of your contract gets smaller, the price per month increases. If you sign a two year contract, then you will be paying $2.95/month and if you want hosting for just one year, it will be $3.45/month. When you choose a plan, it is better to decide on how long you will be running your website. If you own a company and want webspace for it, then it is best to go for the longer duration contracts as you will save a decent amount. On the other hand, if your website will only be temporary, such as a blog, best go for a one year plan. While the price per month is higher, your total cost will be reduced. There is no difference in terms of the service and features provided based on the duration. Also, Webhostingpad doesn’t have a full money back guarantee. You will be refunded only if you cancel within the first 30 days. However, this is not a problem as Webhostingpad happens to be a very reliable host and definitely one of the most reasonable.
Is a money-back-guarantee part of a Webhostingpad plan?
Webhostingpad offers with all its plans, a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that you will be given a full refund should you cancel your hosting account within 30 days of registration. However, their money back guarantee is limited only to hosting accounts and doesn’t extend to domain registration, domain transfer or other add-on services. You can cancel your hosting account through a phone request, which is very helpful and operates during business hours or through email support. Do note that they are very strict about the 30 day rule and requests after 30 days will not be entertained. When you cancel an account, you will be given a full refund with the exception of domain registration charges amounting to $14.95 because once you register a domain you cannot unregister it. You are guaranteed a refund only if you choose to cancel it due to unsatisfactory services. If you violate any of the terms and conditions or terms of service, even within the first 30 days, you are not entitled to a refund. Users and reviews have shown very few cases of refunds thanks to the reliable hosting that Webhostingpad offers. If you are not comfortable with the offer, then best go for yearly plans instead of committing to a long term contract.
How much does Webhostingpad hosting cost?
Webhostingpad has been rated the most economic and cost effective web hosting company consecutively by numerous polls. Webhostingpad offers a myriad of services for a measly price of $1.99 a month if you sign up for 5 years. They help you start off your website with their site builder, help you choose a domain if you don't already have one, provide unlimited storage and they also offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition to these, you will have an unlimited number of email accounts at your disposal, an unlimited number of sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases supported by weekly backups and a dedicated 24 hour security system to ensure the data and data traffic through your website. Video and audio steaming is also supported on the website that you create. If 5 years is too long a period, Webhostingpad offers you packages varying from one to five years in duration, priced accordingly at $3.45, $2.95 and $1.99 per month for one, two or three years. The price per month is above three years. You can choose accordingly based on your monthly expenditure caps and the length of the requirement of the website.
How many free domains does Webhostingpad offer?
When you purchase an unlimited plan from Webhostingpad, you will get one free domain name for life. This means that you will never have to pay a dime for the domain you get from this hosting company. It’s a feature that many people enjoy, and the company is using it as an incentive to get people to sign up and use their services. When you do buy a plan from Webhostingpad, you can expect to pay only $1.99 per month, a rate that is cheaper than just about any other hosting company out there. Besides the free domain name you will receive upon registering, you will also get unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and you will be able to host an unlimited number of domains. This is ideal for those who are running an online business and need the big bandwidth and hosting space required for such everyday tasks. The unlimited domains you can host means that you will never have to worry about paying extra or being limited to a certain number. When Webhostingpad says ‘unlimited’, they mean it. Buying such a cheap plan with so many features is a good deal all around.
How can I sign up with Webhostingpad?
The process of signing up to a new web host is very cumbersome, often riddled with unintelligible and unending forms which would make no sense at all to anyone who is just starting out on web hosting. With webhostingpad, it's plain and simple. Even for someone with little or no web hosting experience, the steps to sign up are crystal clear and you will have your very own website in no time at all. All you need to do in order to sign up with Webhostingpad is little more than a click of a button. After clicking on the 'Sign Up' button on their homepage, you will be redirected to a page that will require you to give in the details of your existing domain. If you do not have one, you can register at this point. After furnishing your account details and the adequate payment details, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once you have clicked the link on the confirmation e-mail, you are good to go. You are now officially signed up with Webhostingpad. Webhostingpad is one of the easiest hosts to sign up with, and should you have any problems with the sign up process, their customer support is available 24/7 to sort out any issues within the shortest span of time possible.
Does Webhostingpad suck? Is Webhostingpad a scam?
Unlike many other web hosting sites and companies, Webhostingpad is a very trustworthy business that has proven to be reliable, affordable, and efficient for almost all customers with an account. There are multiple ways that you will be able to tell that this is not just another scam. For one, this company has a real physical location in Illinois as well as California, which is not the case with many other companies that claim to provide web hosting services but do not. Most people who have paid for a plan with Webhostingpad have been happy with their services. They are one of the only hosting companies online that offers almost all unlimited features for an extremely low price. While you might think that paying less would mean having to sacrifice uptime and customer support, you would be wrong. Webhostingpad is also known for providing a very fast and efficient way for customers to reach and communicate with their representatives. If you are not totally convinced that this company is not a scam, then you will be able to reach them on their support line or send an email to ask some questions and get the answers you have been looking for to make a decision.
Does Webhostingpad protect the environment? Are they “green”?
Anyone who is currently in the market for hosting services will want to know that Webhostingpad is, in fact, a “Green” company, making great efforts to do everything they can to protect the environment while running their business efficiently. First off, this company has gone entirely paperless in an effort to reduce costs as well as cutting down on the amount of waste going into land fills. All of their business documents are electronic and none of them on paper. All of the furniture pieces in the Webhostingpad building come from recycled materials, so nothing goes to waste. Since 2005, they have been making an effort to stay as green as possible. Part of the reason they are able to offer low prices for unlimited hosting services is because they save a remarkable amount of money on energy costs and expenses. From the way they power their building and servers to their method of keeping files and records, this is one environmentally-friendly company. To further knowledge about how to stay green, their website also offers people who visit the chance to learn a little bit more. They give some of the facts about how to help out the environment by doing small but very important everyday things.

Marketing and Advertising

Will I receive marketing credits when signing up with Webhostingpad?
When signing up with Webhostingpad, you will get credits for both Yahoo and Google. For Yahoo, you will receive $25 for the Search Marketing function of the website, and $30 for Good Adwords. Any business looking for a new host should certainly find out more about Webhostingpad and all they have to offer. They firmly believe that by getting their customers with business websites off to a good start, they will build good long-term relationships with them. This is just one of the many free features you will get upon signing a contract with them. You can also look forward to getting a free domain name which you will be able to use forever. There is also free site promotion as well as scripts for shopping carts that are free as well, so you will be able to run your website without spending a lot of money in the process. Webhostingpad is one of a few rare companies that offers customers a lot more for a lot less. You will also get a free sitebuilder with your account, so you can make your website look as professional as possible without having to spend thousands of dollars to do it.
Webhostingpad: do I get Google, Yahoo or Facebook advertising credits?
With every account registered to Webhostingpad, you get $30 in Google Adwords credits as well as $25 in Yahoo Search Marketing credits. This is just a little incentive to get people to sign up with this hosting company, and they will certainly come in handy if you are running an online business. Besides the free credits you receive, there are many other reasons to sign a contract with Webhostingpad. You will also get a number of unlimited features that you just won’t find anywhere else for such an unbelievably low price. Upon registering, you will also get a free domain name for life, so you won’t even have to pay for one if you don’t already have a domain. The support you will receive from Webhostingpad is excellent, so any problems or issues with your services will be addressed immediately. You will have multiple options when it comes to how you get help, including filling out a ticket or checking out the knowledge base. All in all, this is one hosting company that offers customers much more than your average host. This way you will get much more bang for your buck.
How do I increase traffic on my website with Webhostingpad?
After you sign up with Webhostingpad, your main concern is going to be how to drive traffic to your website. One of the reasons this host is so popular with people around the world is they provide a lot of great free features, including site promotion. You will be able to use this feature to help announce your website and get the word out to millions of people from all over. There is also a sitebuilder located in the control panel, helping you with making your site look attractive, so people will want to spend time looking through it. Because you get free credits with your account on Webhostingpad for Yahoo and Google, that is another way to start promoting your website. You will get $30 for Google Adwords, one of the best ways to promote a site online. This hosting company also gives you Yahoo credits for search marketing, so people will be able to find your website by performing a basic search. The more you know about which features you get with Webhostingpad, the more you will be able to take advantage of them. This will help you drive as much traffic directed to your website as possible.
How can I become a Webhostingpad reseller?
Becoming a web hosting reseller can be extremely profitable if you know how to go about doing it. Although Webhostingpad does not offer accounts for this purpose, you can go other places to do this, as it can be very lucrative to those who know how to do it correctly. All you will have to do is find a website which offers cheap services, and sell back those services to those who are in need of them on the web. Essentially this is an investment, and to see return on it, all you will have to do is pay a flat fee for hosting services and offer them to others for a higher price. Over time, you will find that this becomes quite profitable, as long as you choose the right provider. You will need to spend some time looking for the right one, because they will have to be reliable for you to make a significant amount of money from it. The better the company is in terms of how reliable and trustworthy it is, the better your business endeavor will do, because it will be completely seamless. Doing this can make you a lot of money, as long as you spend the necessary amount of time researching various web hosts.
Can I take part in a Webhostingpad affiliate program?
There is an affiliate program on Webhostingpad, which offers anyone the chance to start earning money from every sale that you are responsible for referring to this hosting company. All you have to do is create an account, fill in the all the necessary information such as your name, email address, and PayPal account information. After doing this, you will be able to earn money just from the sales you send to Webhostingpad. As the visitors who come on to your page become customers of this company, you will start to see the amount in your PayPal account begin to grow. Joining their affiliate program is a great way to supplement your income, and you will be able to do it by using your own Web Hosting Page website to do it. It takes a very minimal amount of effort on your part, and you will be able to make quite a bit of money, depending on how successful you are with it. There are hundreds of people who are currently part of the affiliate program, simply because it has the potential to be extremely profitable for those who join it. Considering how little time you need to spend registering to get started, you don’t have a lot to lose.
Can I host my business website with Webhostingpad?
When trying to run a business website, you will want to consider Webhostingpad as your solution. It offers a wide range of features, many of them unlimited, making it the perfect choice for those who have a cyber business to run. By signing a contract with this hosting company, a few of the things you will get include a full cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, storage space, parked domains, email accounts, and much more. You will also be able to host an unlimited number of domains through Webhostingpad. Because you are running a business, you probably need as much storage space as you can get for data. With Webhostingpad, you can get an unlimited amount. The speed and overall reliability of the company is also something to consider when looking for the right host. Webhostingpad guarantees all of its customers 99.9% uptime, which means that you will not have to deal with the frequent outages which occur with many other hosts online. If you have any problems with your service, you will be able to rely on a helpful team of representatives to assist you with whatever you need.
Can I create a webshop with Webhostingpad? What software do they provide?
Those who wish to run an online shop will want to think about selecting Webhostingpad for hosting services for their website. You will be able to use a shopping cart on your website, using 1-click installation to make it happen. When you do this, all of your customers will be able to easily find and gather what they want until they are ready to check out. Webhostingpad encourages its customers to build thriving businesses online, as long as they do not violate any of the terms which everyone who signs a contract must agree to before doing so. One of the best things about having a Webhostingpad website is that you will be able to rely on the service. This company promises all customers that they will only experience at very most 0.1% downtime, so it is ideal for businesses who want to make as much money as possible from their endeavor. All online businesses need to have hosting services that are consistent and reliable, which is why Webhostingpad is such a great place for these exact purposes. You will be able to use a variety of software to create the online shop you want.

Servers, Software and Setup

Where are the servers of Webhostingpad based? Which IP address will I get?
All of the servers and head office for Webhostingpad is located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. There the company runs all of the operations and controls every aspect of the website. The servers themselves run on very sophisticated technology, which is why this company offers its customers an impressive 99.9% uptime. The software guarding these servers against any possible harm is equally sophisticated, implemented to make sure that no personal information of customers is accessed or falls into the wrong hands. It is comforting to learn of the location that a certain company’s servers are in, because it makes them real. With so many different scams going on all the time, it can be rather difficult to know who to trust with your money. As you start to look online and probe deeper into the issue, you will learn that Webhostingpad has a reputation for being one of the better web hosts on the web, and for many reasons. One of them is the fact that their servers make the services you purchase run even faster. When you register an account with Webhostingpad, you will get an IP address which originates from the United States.
What server technology does Webhostingpad apply?
Because the server technology that a web host uses is so vital to the every day functioning of your websites, you will want to know exactly what technology Webhostingpad uses to power their business. Each customer and those who are interested in these services will be happy to know that they use all of the latest PHP versions, along with allowing the use of PHP.ini for even more sophistication. Webhostingpad also uses MySQL, as well as the integrated cPanel, a key component used in the creation of their various websites. Because remote access is not possible, you will have to be at your main system to take advantage of this technology. These programs do more than just make things easier for the company itself; they make everything easier for customers who are going about their everyday tasks and using the software provided by Webhostingpad. This hosting company also employs the use of top notch virus protection software to ensure that nobody can get through the multiple firewalls, which guard this very important information. By choosing Webhostingpad, you will know that your website will always be safe and run smoothly with no problems whatsoever.
What measures does Webhostingpad provide against virus and spam threats?
Customers of Webhostingpad will be able to rest a little bit easier knowing that the company which hosts their websites has servers which are completely protected against any possible viruses or spam. They ensure through advanced software that no viral threats enter their systems or affect customers. The spam blockers/filters prevent this from happening, so you know that your account and websites are completely safe from any cyber attack. With a growing number of threats over the Internet, web hosts have to be ready, and this is precisely why Webhostingpad has taken such precautions. They do whatever is necessary to make sure that the information of customers is kept secured and confidential. Nothing is worse than having to deal with viruses entering your website or being bothered by spam because of something your host did or did not do. In many of the consumer reviews for this hosting company, you will see that they are among the most secure around, so you won’t have any problems with their services whatsoever. You will also not have to worry about getting hit with any spam in the email accounts which come with your account, because Webhostingpad has ensured that they stay totally secure from such annoyances and inconveniences.
Webhostingpad: what about security for their technical facilities?
All of the technical facilities that Webhostingpad runs are completely secure. They are protected with security cameras, along with the servers themselves which are secured in a separate room. Each one of the servers is dually protected with both firewalls along with other advanced anti-virus software, which will instantly detect any threat against the system. This hosting company takes security very seriously, as well as the privacy of information for each of its customers. These technical facilities are located in Chicago, Illinois and are secured in the event of attempted theft or cyber attack. Security is one of the top issues to consider when thinking about a hosting company who will be in charge of the safety of your websites. With Webhostingpad, you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your website(s) are safe, because with the technology and multiple measures this company takes, it isn’t a problem. All of their facilities are protected in such a way to where nothing could possible happen to your website or personal/financial information. In an age where identity theft is because more and more common, companies such as Webhostingpad realize this and take the appropriate actions to keep from those things from happening.
Webhostingpad: Can I have Drupal, Expression Engine or Serendipity?
When you have a website hosted with Webhostingpad, you will be able to utilize the many benefits which come with using such applications as Expression Engine, Drupal, and Serendipity. Publishing your content is something which requires efficient and sophisticated software, which is why it’s a good thing that Webhostingpad enables its customers to use these applications. They have a certain capability which will allow you to do just about anything you need to online with your content. With regards to content management, you can’t do much better than Drupal, and with the help of Webhostingpad, you can take advantage of all that it has to offer. You will no longer have to deal with the disorganization and lack of ability that you had to before discovering Drupal. With this program, you will be able to maintain your user accounts and keep everything as it should be. When looking for a good web hosting company, it is immensely important that you select one which enables its customers to do a wide variety of things, including using these types of content management applications. When you choose Webhostingpad, you will know that you have made the right decision, because of the endless features and possibilities there are in terms of applications.
Is it possible to transfer domains to and from Webhostingpad?
If you already have a domain that you wish to transfer to Webhostingpad, then there are a few steps you will have to follow. The first is to ensure that the domain you have is completely unlocked with whatever current registrar you are with. You must also make sure that all of the WHOIS information used to contact you is accurate, so you will be able to stay updated on this process. You must then obtain an authorization or EPP code from your current registrar. Once you have the authorization code, you will want to send that along with domain name to dns@webhostingpad.com, so you will be able to begin the process and let the representatives at Webhostingpad help you. After the email is received with all of your information, the process will begin, and take about 24-48 hours. After the entire process of transferring your domain name is complete, you will be promptly notified through email. Even though you are able to transfer as many domains to Webhostingpad as you like, you should also keep in mind that you get one free just for registering, something not may other hosts you will do.
How many MYSQL databases can I have with a Webhostingpad account?
Every person who signs a contract with Webhostingpad will get an unlimited number of MySQL databases to use, along with a number of other features which are also completely unlimited. You will find the ability to manage your databases in the control panel under “Database Management”. Because there are not many other hosting companies which offer unlimited databases for such a low rate, Webhostingpad is considered to be one of the best of its kind. Under the database management section in the cPanel, you will also find the phpMyAdmin access feature, which will give you exclusive and full access to your databases. You will of course have to come up with a user name and password beforehand, so they are all completely secure. Having unlimited databases is ideal for those with business website who need it the most. There are tons of unlimited features that are great for companies who need lots of bandwidth or storage space, and these are things Webhostingpad offers for an extremely affordable rate. No matter what your own unique business needs/requirements are, you will be able to find it with this host. They do everything in their power to satisfy each and every single customer.
How many email addresses do I receive at Webhostingpad?
When you sign up for a plan with Webhostingpad, you will be able to get unlimited email accounts, so you can do business as efficiently as possible. With a plan like this which includes so many unlimited features including email, you will be able to get an account for every person in your business, no matter how many there are. You will also be able to have unlimited email forwarders and autoresponders, so you will be able to utilize them to your advantage, whether or not your website is business-related. You will have unlimited POP and IMAP email, so you won’t have to worry about any limitations being placed on the number of accounts you have or the amount of data you will be able to transfer back and forth with them. When you choose Webhostingpad, you will get all of the convenient and easy-to-use features that you have come to expect online. They go above and beyond what most people want from their hosting companies, so you will keep coming back and paying for their services after each contract has ended. Unlimited email accounts are just one of the great things about this host that is worth taking a look on their website.
How good is the Webhostingpad control panel? Is it cPanel?
Webhostingpad’s cPanel is extremely easy to use, even for users who do not have much experience with it. Inside it, you will find a variety of things, including spam filtering for email, auto responders, the ability to manage multiple email accounts, and much more. When you look around, you will see that it has just about everything you need to go about managing your own website. When looking for the perfect host online, you have to make absolutely certain that it comes with the features which you require to make your site function properly. Inside the cPanel, you will also get the ability to view traffic statistics for your site, including an error log, the latest visitors, and a raw log file which you will be able to download onto your computer. There are also many FTP features as well, including the file manager, the ability to manage all FTP accounts, and more. Some of the basic site tools listed in the cPanel includes custom error pages, the ability to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions, and a tool for submitting to search engines. To get an idea about what you have to choose from, you should take a look through it and see for yourself how easy it is to navigate.
Does Webhostingpad offer Fantastico? What can I use it for?
Those who are thinking about choosing Webhostingpad to take advantage of their services will be happy to know that they do offer Fantastico. If you are interested in using it, then you will certainly want to know all about it. You will be able to do a number of things with this program, including the ability to use WordPress themes through it. To do this, you simply have to log into the cPanel and select ‘Fantastico’, selecting the ‘Blog’ section, which will make a WordPress theme section appear. From there it is fairly straightforward, so you will be able to find exactly what you need. Many people find Fantastico to be a great solution to all of their problems with regards to Internet web hosting. No matter which scripts you want to install, having this resource on Webhostingpad makes it that much easier. While you will find that a lot of other hosting companies do not offer this feature, you will have full access to it when you sign up for a Webhostingpad account. Besides getting access to Fantastico, you will also get a number of additional unlimited features.
Does Webhostingpad offer a free website builder?
If you have been looking to make your website appear as professional as possible without spending a lot of money, then you will be glad to know that Webhostingpad does have a free website builder with many features to utilize. Some of these features includes free icons and buttons in the full image library, an HTML layout template, and multilingual support. Some of the extras you will find in this site builder include a guest book, photo album, online flash-editor, online counter, and much more. With this website builder, you will be able to create the exact look that you need for your page without having to shell out thousands of dollars to make it happen. Creating an attractive website is important if you are going to attract visitors and keep them interested in your content. This feature is especially great for businesspeople who are trying to make their website look as impressive as possible without the huge dollar amount behind it. You will be able to select from many great-looking templates for your website, and you can set up what you need in a matter of just minutes. You can also use an online HTML editor to make managing your website and making changes to it even easier.
Do I get FTP Access at Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad offers a full range of FTP services, as well as video tutorials (with voice) to help you use all of them. Some of these include FileZilla, WinSCP, CuteFTP, and WS_FTP. By going through some of these, you will quickly learn how to do just about anything you want. Webhostingpad understands that file management is important, which is why there are so many different FTP options for their customers. All of the video tutorials are available to you in the cPanel. Among these tutorials, you will also be able to learn how to use Smart FTP, Flash FXP, FTP Voyager, and Leap FTP. There are different sections of these video tutorials, which enable you to configure the website itself, upload files, and manage files using all of these different options. The explanations as to how they work are extremely simple, so anyone can understand them with ease. Webhostingpad is one of the best companies with regards to being able to transfer or upload files more quickly than with any other host. You will get all of the services that are necessary to help you run your website efficiently, including FTP access.
Can I use WordPress on a Webhostingpad account for blogging?
You will be able to install a WordPress blog on your Webhostingpad page quickly and easily. It all starts with using the Fantastico feature in the cPanel, which will allow you to get this process started. This is a rather simple and self-explanatory process, and you will want to look for the “WordPress” column to click. Once you are in the WordPress settings, you will want to select your own domain from the drop down box which appears. You will then have to select the directory where you want your blog to be installed. It will then ask you to create a username and password to access your blog. It might be easier if you use the same username and password as for your cPanel, so you will always be able to remember it. If your WordPress blog theme displays the nickname, then you should take the time to fill it out. It can either be your real name or something else, depending on what you want to appear. Although your email ill not be displayed in the blog, you will still need to enter it for contact purposes. When promoted for the “site name”, you will just want to enter the name of your blog. After you write the blog’s description, you have completed this process entirely.
Can I install phpBB or other forums at Webhostingpad?
Most users who are Webhostingpad customers find that not only can you install phpBB on their websites, but it also runs very efficiently and with no problems whatsoever. The process of installing a forum on your website hosted by this company starts with using Fantastico, a piece of software used to make installing certain scripts much easier. With this program, you will be able to use either phpBB or SMF to install your forums, depending on which you prefer. The scripts for both of these can be generated by using the “Fantastico” feature in the control panel or cPanel which Webhostingpad provides to all of its customers. Once you successfully install the scripts themselves, you will then have to make some decisions, such as where to apply them and how. Those who have experience coding with PHP do not have to buy Fantastico, but rather should simply use the phpBB and SMF scripts to all of the coding which is necessary to get these forums up and running on your websites. Remember that you want to take easiest and most efficient route, which involves doing what you already know and putting that knowledge to work for yourself.
Can I have Joomla on a Webhostingpad account? How?
When using Webhostingpad, you will easily be able to install Joomla, starting with going to “New Installation”, which will effectively get the process started. When you are prompted for the location, you will enter your domain name. In order to add content to your website using Joomla, you will need to create an administrative user name and password. Make sure to choose these carefully, because you don’t want to forget what they are when you need them. You will then need to put in your full name, which then becomes visible to those who go on your website. To avoid any conflicts or confusion, make sure that the full name you enter is not the same as your username. When you finish entering all of this information, you will be done installing Joomla, and it will be ready for you to start using immediately. It is important to remember that before you try to install Joomla, you should make sure that you have the latest version by going on their website and checking for yourself. This will ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible all the time, so there are never any problems with it on your website.
Can I have 1-Click-installation with Webhostingpad?
One of the best features that Webhostingpad offers is 1-click installation, which means that you can do things like configure your shopping cart in a minimal amount of time. This is a hosting company which tries to make everything as user-friendly, fast, and efficient as possible for all customers. You will also be able to install multiple scripts for blogs with just a 1-click installation. This is without a doubt the fastest way to go about installing these scripts, so you will be able to get your content up faster than ever before. With Webhostingpad, there isn’t any long installation period that you have to go through to get what you want, because all you want to do is just click once and you’re done. Installing WordPress scripts on your website can also be done through a one-click installation. This just one of the reasons that Webhostingpad is a trusted and favored hosting company for thousands of people all over the world. With so many other hosting companies on the web, you have to deal with tedious installation processes which require you to keep clicking over and over until you finish, but not with Webhostingpad.
Are Webhostingpad servers and data secure?
The servers and data stored by Webhostingpad are completely secure at all times. The computers which are used as servers to host the thousands of websites tied to the company are kept in a safe and secure place with appropriate climate control to ensure that no damage comes to them. This is why Webhostingpad feels confident that their 99.9% uptime guarantee will stand strong over the years. They take extraordinary measures to make sure that all information relating to customers and their websites stays secure at all times. Their data center in Chicago is an extremely secure facility, employing all of the latest technology to keep both physical technology and cyber information safe. With all of the threats that exist online, you will need a company like Webhostingpad that has the technology and software to prevent them from occurring. The technologies they use to run their servers and the security measures used to ensure that no one causes harm to their operation makes them one of the best. They are trusted by thousands of people from all over to keep many websites up and running at all times, and so far they have experienced no problems with security breaches.

Service, Support and Feedback

What uptime guarantee does Webhostingpad provide?
There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee made by Webhostingpad to its customers, so it is extremely unlikely that any individual customer will experience any outage. You will see this promise that the company makes on their website in the “terms” section, which you must agree to before signing a contract with them. This promise states that unless maintenance is scheduled to be performed on the server ahead of time, no downtime will occur. While downtime may result from a sudden power outage, there are measures which Webhostingpad has taken to ensure that their service will keep running for all customers. This is just one of the many reasons that this hosting company has maintained such a spotless reputation. If you run a business online, then having a consistent connection is absolutely vital to being successful, and that is exactly what Webhostingpad can offer. With few other companies able to guarantee so much uptime, it is clear that this company is dedicated to keeping all of their customers satisfied. If an outage in your service does occur, you can always turn to their help center for immediate assistance.
What support services does Webhostingpad offer?
There is an enter help center for you to refer to when you have a problem with your service. You will be able to submit a ticket by selecting the appropriate department for your problem. Some of the different ones you can choose from include sales, support, billing, marketing, affiliates, and the referral program. After you select the department you wish to contact, you will have to fill out some of your information, such as name and email address, as well as the priority of your problem. You may also access the knowledge base, where you will be able to find a series of answers to frequently asked questions. Chances are if you have a problem which is at least fairly common, you will be able to find it here. If you do decide to fill out a ticket because of a problem, then a representative will contact you via email as soon as possible. Webhostingpad is known for having great support services for customers who are in need. You can also look at the website’s news section for recent developments that may provide an answer to some of your questions. Whatever you need, the help center will be able to assist you in finding a quick and effective solution.
What speed can I expect from Webhostingpad?
Webhostingpad has some of the fastest servers you will find with these types of companies. When running a business online, speed is obviously going to be an important consideration to make, and with this web hosting company, you will be able to count on their services give you extremely fast connections all around. Since you get unlimited bandwidth, you will not be tethered by any maximum amount of data allowed to be transferred in a given period. Since Webhostingpad uses sophisticated server technology, you will also be able to know that the downtime you will experience is minimal. Speed is certainly an important factor when considering which host you go with, and this one can honestly make the promise of a fast connection all the time. You will rarely if ever have to deal with lagging load times or slow transfers, because Webhostingpad ensures that all customers are completely satisfied with the services provided at all times. If you do ever encounter any problems with speed, it is most likely a minor and temporary glitch which will either work itself out shortly, or you can alert the company to this problem in the form of a ticket.
What are customers opinions about Webhostingpad?
A majority of customers who review Webhostingpad’s services have mostly positive things to say. Many individuals report that their customer service is second to none, offering a full help center with the ability to fill out a ticket or access an entire knowledge base for answers. Most customers also experience 99.9% uptime, a reliable and consistent connection that keeps people coming back to this hosting company time and time again. One very important part of choosing a hosting company is reading the consumer reviews, and you will find that Webhostingpad is favored by quite a few businesses and individuals who use hosting services. Because of the numerous unlimited features offered by this company, there are many people who praise its efforts to provide much more for less than others. The rates that Webhostingpad charges are a large part of why so many people are satisfied with them. When looking at those who write about them, you will notice a predominantly positive attitude and comments which serve to encourage others to sign up with them. It has been proven that most of the people who sign a contract with Webhostingpad continue to purchase these services from them even after their contract is up.
Is Webhostingpad a reliable hosting company?
With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you will be able to rely on the hosting services provided by Webhostingpad. Most everyone who has signed up for these services has been satisfied with the consistency and overall reliability. The only exceptions that this company makes for uptime is when there is maintenance being done or circumstances out of their control, such as a power outage. Even in these circumstances there is usually a back-up system for the servers, so you won’t have to worry about the connection going out for very long. The other aspects of Webhostingpad are reliable as well, such as the customer support. You will have an enter help center to browse through on the website, with a team of representatives to help you round the clock. When you spend your hard-earned money on these hosting services, you will know that you can rely on them day after day to keep running efficiently. Not many other hosting companies are able to make such a claim when it comes to uptime, with a majority of them claiming 99% uptime. When you are running a business online, that 0.9% can be of use to you at certain critical moments.
Is there a Webhostingpad help center?
There is a full help center available to all Webhostingpad customers who are in need of assistance with any kind of problem at all. To start off there is a knowledge base, which is where the company suggests customers try before anything else. Upon clicking the link for it, you will discover a number of answers to questions which have been frequently asked in the past. This provides a way for customers to find answers to simpler questions or concerns they may have regarding their service. If you cannot find what you need in the knowledge base, then you are encouraged to fill out a ticket. This consists of first choosing the proper department to send your message to (i.e sales, marketing), then filling out some basic information that Webhostingpad will need to contact you, such as your email address and name. You will want to describe what your problem is as thoroughly as possible, so they will know the nature of your issue and can get back to you as soon as possible. Webhostingpad is usually very efficient when it comes to their support staff and answering questions or addressing problems with service.
Is there a lot of downtime with a Webhostingpad account?
Webhostingpad absolutely guarantees 99.9% uptime, so you will only have to deal with .1% downtime in any given year. Out of 12 months, the only time you may experience a brief window of downtime is when maintenance is done on the website, in which case you will be notified in advance, or in the event of a power outage. If a power outage occurs, the company is completely ready and able to deal with this situation quickly and effectively. They have back-up servers which will keep running, even if the power goes out in the office or data center. If you do experience any downtime with your Webhostingpad account, you will be able to fill out a ticket in the Help Center, which will go directly to a technician who will help you with your problem. Very rarely do customers of this hosting company experience any downtime at all. However, when it does happen, you will have support options to help you. This is a company that understands how important consistency and reliability is, which is why they are able to make such a promise regarding uptime. Their server technology is such that it will not simply quit working if there is a storm, or something else which causes a power outage. Unless there is pre-scheduled maintenance, you will always be able to count on your service to keep going.
How good are customer reviews and ratings for Webhostingpad?
Typically, you will find that the customer reviews available for Webhostingpad are written in a rather flattering way, with many positive things to say about them. While there will of course be those who are not satisfied with their services for one reason or another, a majority of the people who decide to write their review about the hosting company do so because they want others to know just how reliable and efficient they are. Going through dozens of different reviews for this hosting company, the average review is around an 8 out of 10 possible points. This means that the majority of reviews are favorable. Because Webhostingpad provided reliable services at low costs, it receives mostly good reviews from its customers. This is a hosting site that has many loyal customers who keep signing contracts, because they are so impressed with the level of commitment this company has toward its clients. There are many reasons that people write positively about Webhostingpad, including the fact that there is a low monthly rate of just $1.99, and just one plan which offers many unlimited features that you would have to pay extra for anywhere else online, making for many great reviews from hundreds of people all over the world.
Does Webhostingpad offer tutorials? Video tutorials?
Among the many features Webhostingpad offers, there are multiple video tutorials to use in trying to figure out how to use different features on the site, such as the cPanel, FTP series, DNS Updating Series, Domain Transfer series, email set up, and RVsitebuilder. No matter what questions you have regarding these features, you will be able to get all of the information you need through these instructional videos which include voice, so it is even more simple and straight to the point. While you will find that other hosting websites do not even offer tutorials of any kind, Webhostingpad feels all customers should have instant access to information which will allow them to better use their website. Each one of the video tutorials included in the Help Center will guide you through the process of using these features. Once you watch the video in full, you will have a much better understanding of how to use it to your advantage, so you can get the most out of the money you spend on these services. The videos are purposely made to be simplistic and easy to understand, so anyone will be able to get it the first time around. Since some of these features can get complicated, you might want to take a look at one of these video tutorials for your own benefit.
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