The cPanel Security Tab: Website Security Settings and options explained

Site security is one of the most important aspects of obtaining a website. Controlling who has access, disabling bandwidth stealing and protecting areas of your FTP is explained in this article.
Password Protection cPanel


Password Protect Directories: Protecting some of your directories may be crucial if you e.g. want to share files with customers. So once you click on the icon a popup asks you which directory to open on your FTP. You can then choose the folder to protect and set the password for it or create a user who has access to the folder. There’s also a video tutorial available for this.

IP Deny Manager on cPanel


IP Deny Manager: Once you check your visitors log and find out some IPs are accessing your sites too often so they probably could be people with bad intention you can easily forbid them to visit your site again by copying the IP address you find in the log and pasting it to the textfield of the IP Deny Manager. As “Manager” implies, you can always remove the IP from the ban list.

HotLink Protection on cPanel


HotLink Protection: As mentioned in a previous article, bandwidth, especially controlling your bandwidth, is an important aspect of a website and the hosting package you chose. Once other websites insert e.g. one of your images to their website by linking directly to it it will cost you bandwidth. To prevent this in the HotLink Protection you can set file types you don’t want to get linked to directly. There’s also a video tutorial available for this.

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