The cPanel “Domains” tab: Set up Subdomains, Addon Domains, Redirects and more

Easy to remember URLs is the main topic of this part of your cPanel. Learn how to create subdomains, redirects or parked domains to make it easy to access your website and its important subpages.


Creating Subdomains for your website via the cPanel


Subdomains: You want to set up a support forum for your customers or a frequently asked questions section, but you want the URL to be more than just Subdomains are an easy way to achieve a professional look of important parts of your website. To add a subdomain, choose a descriptive word as the prefix, like “support” and enter it to the provided text field. You will then have to insert the URL to which the subdomain links, like You can then access the support page via the URL


Addon domains for your website


Addon Domains: Once you created a subdomain, you can allow visitors to reach this domain by addressing the addon domain in the address bar. This is possible only if allowed by your hosting provider. Check the video tutorial in the cPanel for more information.


Parked Domains in the cPanel


Parked Domains: So now your site can be reached for example by – but your product is also the best in europe? Add the domain as a parked domain and once it points to your dns (and is registered for you of course) visitors can from now on reach you via both addresses. Video tutorial available!


Redirects in the cPanel of webhostingpad


Redirects: You want to link to another website or advertise for something, but how do you expect the visitors to remember the URL of the page when you cannot even remember it yourself because it is too long or complicated? By creating a redirect everyone can enter the desired website without remembering its URL easily via your specified URL. Video tutorial is also available on this topic.


If this tutorial helped you getting an overview on the items, and you are aware that subdomains are a very important part of your website, but you don’t feel like you are completely ready for creating subdomains or redirects, check back for additional tutorials on this topic.

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