Manage and backup your files in cPanel: Easy via the “Files” Tab!

cPanel, your Web Host’s control panel (your hosting administrator panel) allows you to easily manage and backup all the files you need for your website, without needing FTP. Explaining the items in the “Files” section of your cPanel, this article is meant to give you brief explanations on the mass of icons that may appear a little confusing at first sight.
backing up your files in the cpanel of webhostingpad


Backups: A backup is a copy of your all the files of your website to download on your computer and store it. Regular backups prevent yourself from loosing all your data in case of your account getting hacked or you accidentially deleting files. So backing up your files is one of the most important regular actions you will have to do.

The Backup Wizard in cPanel


Backup Wizard: This wizard helps you backing up or restoring parts or your whole website. Once you accidentially deleted or lost some of your website’s files, the Restore wizard helps repairing by uploading the latest backup of your files. Therefor it is crucial that you back up your files regularly.

The file manager in the cPanel of webhostingpad


File Manager: Clicking on this icon a popup appears asking for the directory to open. After choosing the directory you are forwarded to the matching folder so you can manage your files, like copying, adding a new file, moving it, downloading, renaming or deleting it.

The cPanel's legacy file manager


Legacy File Manager: The Legacy File Manager is basically the regular File Manager just in an older version. If you prefer to manipulate (rename, copy, save, delete, move,…) your files in the Legacy mode you can do that as well.

Overview your Disk Space Usage in webhostingpad


Disk Space Usage: You find a chart displaying the exact size used in each of your directories. So in case you need more space for your website’s images, you can always check the mail folder and remove files or the public FTP.

Manage, crate, delete your FTP accounts on webhostingpad


FTP Accounts: If you want to set up a WordPress website, Galler, Forum etc., you sure can do that via FTP access, but you can also create a whole website without touching the FTP once. Softaculous (stay tuned for a tutorial on that) is an installer that helps you with that. Anyways, in the FTP section of your cPanel you can create, manage and delete FTP accounts for your webspace.

FTP Sessions Control cPanel webhostingpad


FTP Session Control: Complete control over your servers! Check back who is currently on your FTP, cut connections you dont want to exist and control who is viewing and possibly downloadig your files in the public FTP. (No worries, everything placed outside the public FTP can not be accessed that easily by everyone, plus you can always disable public FTP.)

If this tutorial helped you getting an overview on the items, but you don’t feel like you are completely ready for using and setting up an FTP server, check back for additional tutorials according to how to set up an FTP server, make use of the FTP session control and managing your files.

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