How to set up E-Mail in cPanel: Icons-Explanation in detail

This article explains the items in the “Mail” tab of your Web Host’s cPanel homepage. Even though not all of the items are equally important, yet it is important to know what they are about. You will most likely first make use of email accounts, forwarders, webmail and auto email responders. See below…
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Email Accounts: In this category you can create, manage and delete your email accounts. It shows a chart on how much space you already used so you have complete control over your accounts.

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Webmail: Access your email from any computer and manage them. You can easily create a desktop application to manage your emails without going to any explorer. You will always need internet connection tho.

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Forwarders: Forwarding emails basically means the emails sent to the address you created in your cPanel ( are not stored on your host directly, but are being forwarded to any other email address you choose (like gmail) and stored there. The advantage of this is that the mails don’t take away any space on your host’s server. Also be aware of the safety aspect of that. For further information, check for upcoming tutorials about creating an email address and forwarding it to another address.

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Auto Responders: You worry about your next trip to Hawaii since you don’t want to manually inform all your customers that you will not be able to respond the next two weeks? If you set an Auto Responder this will be handled by your email account automatically.

webhostingpad cPanel Default Addresses


Default Address: Once somebody wants to send you an email but misspells your name in, the email will be forwarded to the address you specify in this setting.

webhostingpad's cPanel Mailing Lists


Mailing Lists: Send emails to a large group of people like an invitation to a dinner to all your family members or a merry christmas email, newsletters or updates to all of your customers.

cPanel in webhostingpad Account Level Filtering


Account Level Filtering:You want to automatically move emails with the subject “Offer” (which is mostly spam) to the trash or a Spam folder? Or you want to move all emails by a special customer of yours to a VIP folder? You can easily set those and many other rules in the Account Filtering seciton of cPanel.

webhostingpad's cPanel - user level filtering


User Level Filtering:In this area, you can manage filters for each user. Each user filter is processed after the main account filters.

webhostingpad's cPanel: eMail Delivery Route


Email Delivery Route: Not rally important is this feature, which allows you to check the route an email takes to be delivered to the email address specified.

eMail Authentication in webhostingpad's cPanel


Email Authentication: Enabling this helps to lower the amount of spam received. Also, it prevents your email address to be used as the sender of spam unwillingly.

If this tutorial helped you getting an overview on the items, but you don’t feel like you are completely ready for using and setting up an email account, check back for additional tutorials according to how to set up an account, make use of forwarders and auto-reply, spam protection and creating mailing lists.

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