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hostrocketSince 1999, HostRocket provides world-class services that “cannot be found anywhere else”. They are focusing on support, availability, technology and value. Their moderately priced hosting plans offer unlimited space, domains, databases and bandwidth and start at $4.99/mo.

Plan Details: Space and Traffic: Unlimited | Starting at: $4.99 | Domain: $20/year | One Click Installation of: n/a

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    Hello guys, have you ever wished to build your own website fast and simple? If yes, you came to the right place because HostRocket is the best site for creating your own website, it has a user-friendly webpage builder and many other features that is mandatory! It also has over 256 web apps which you can use, it also includes an ultimate hosting plan which is available to you for the first 6 months completely FREE! You can have an unlimited number of servers to make your business successful, try out HostRocket, it’s your best server / web hosting companion!

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    I was enjoying using this hosting company, because I was not losing a lot of money by signing up for monthly plan. But then I hit the bandwidth wall, which they call soft limit. They suspended my account for violating their terms of conditions by having my bandwidth abusing their overall total bandwidth. They claimed that my websites were affected the performance of their servers, and I was told look for hosting somewhere else. I could not get my refund because it was past the satisfaction guarantee period, and I lost the rights to my domain name that I registered with them. In addition, I was not able to use some of the control panel functions, because my actions had to be approved by tech support first. The service was reliable and uptime was really good. I also like the fact that I was able to find a promotional code online to get a discount. Aside from the bandwidth issue, I thought that this company was OK. As long as you stay within boundaries, there is nothing to complain about.

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