Overall Rating 3.443.443.443.443.44
Reliability & Uptime
Customer Support 3.333.333.333.333.33
Price/Value 2.892.892.892.892.89

HostMonster offers Web Hosting since 1996. With HostMonster you can depend on highest customer service, quality equipment, uptime, functional admin tools, backups and honest + fair business practice, such as NON-outsourced support or anytime-cancellation without fees.

Plan Details: Space and Traffic: Unlimited | Starting at: $5.95 | Domain: Lifetime
free | One Click Installation of: WordPress, b2evolution, Coppermine, Polls, Drupal, Joomla, Python, ...

10 Customer Reviews

  • My sites are hacked every day and Hostmonster has no answer for the problem. All of my webpages redirect to a phoney site. Each night I have to call hostmonster to have a tech remove the hack script. Tonight I can’t even get them on the phone. I’m losing lots of business.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Reliability & Uptime11111
    Customer Support11111

    Beware. Customer service is horrible. They dont return emails with questions regarding cancellations. The cancellation links dont work on the control panel, and they set everything to auto renew. Very difficult to deal with. You can get cheap hosting anywhere, but other companies are much more helpful when problems arise. Amazingly, they responded after I disputed the charges, but it was way too much work to get such a simple problem corrected.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support55555

    Overall, I am happy with the service that I have received from Hostmonster over the last two years. I purchased a domain as well as two years of hosting. From the hosting I had unlimited bandwidth, near unlimited storage and a few thousand email accounts. I found that all of the impressive features of this web host were easy to use and to navigate through their impressive cPanel, which is why I have rated the useability so high. If there is one downside, it is that I felt that the prices were rather high, when compared to other hosts such as HostGator. I found that another strong point of this host was their customer support – when I first purchased this package and domain I had a small issue with the payment, but thanks to their admirable customer support, the issue was quickly dealt with. I found the reliability and uptime of this web host was generally very good, and with the exception of a few small time periods my website was never offline. My website was based on graphic design, and I had a fair few visitors to my site on a regular basis. As previously mentioned the unlimited bandwidth that I received meant that all of these people could access my website with ease. Another strongpoint of this web host was their interface for the uploading of files to their server; I found it very easy to use and to navigate, and the speeds at which my files were uploaded were also very pleasing. In summary, I am very pleased with the service that I have received from Hostmonster, but if there is one problem that I encountered, it was the price of the service. However, once could argue that this price is appropriate for the premium service that you receive. I look forward to purchasing more hosting in the future from Hostmonster.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime55555
    Customer Support55555

    I am very impressed with the service I received from Hostmonster. I purchased a year of hosting with a domain, and I never encountered any problems. I purchased this package over a year ago, after seeing an advertisement saying that Hostmonster had the best hosting service around, and after I have used it, I find I cannot help but agree. Customer support was always available if I needed assistance, and the cPanel was very easy to use. The website that I made was a website devoted to a popular American Television show, and I found that the hosting package that I chose was very effective, because I had unlimited bandwidth, which meant that I could have as many visitors to my site as I wanted. In addition I also had something like 100gb storage, which meant that I could store files there with ease. The interface to transfer files from my computer to the Hostmonster server was also very easy to use, as well as having incredibly fast upload speeds. In conclusion, I am very happy with the service that I received, and I will look forward to purchasing a similar website hosting service from this company in the near future.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support33333

    Hostmonster was a boon to me and it solved all my problems related to web hosting. Not all web hosting services are reliable and hostmonster is one exception which stands against all criticism. The packages offered by them are very attractive mainly because they are so cheap and provide all that you expect from any good web hosting service.In fact no other web hosting company offers such cheap packages compared to hostmonster.

    Talking about hostmonster, the main strength of this web hosting service lies in its forums where you can find help anytime you need but at the same time this is the same place where hostmonster goes down as well. The customer support is not the same all the time and sometimes you have wait long time before you are answered by your customer care executive.

    Many people outside the United States feel inconvenient about this as they end up paying high phone bills. Also the security of hostmonster is not the best compared to other reliable service providers.

    Other than these so called disadvantages, which I am sure wouldn’t disturb anyone keen on business; everything else works great with host monster web hosting services. A decent hosting service according to me, which has rooms for improvement.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Reliability & Uptime22222
    Customer Support11111

    I don’t want to be harsh, but this company is terrible. I deeply regret going with this hosting and it was a complete waste of my time and money. All my designs and scripts that worked on the server were gone, after I was accused of ‘abusing’ the resources. I found out about the ‘abuse’ after the files were deleted. They clearly neglected to let me know that I was reaching my limits. But I thought that I did not have limits, because I signed for the unlimited space and bandwidth package. One everything was deleted; I did not bother trying to contact them to get my money back. So, I just canceled my membership and switched to another hoster. Since then I always read the terms and conditions. It was a horrible experience and will not recommend anyone going with this hosting.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime33333
    Customer Support55555

    I once asked a colleague to help repairing the application log on HostMonster, a popular host that has huge capacity and broad bandwidth with super cheap price. After an investigation, I concluded, its session not running well. It can write a session, but the session can not be displayed even with print_r ($ _SESSION).

    I had complained about this to a mailing list, although because of limited information and no one who has the same problem with me, so I did not get the solution.

    I immediately contacted HostMonster CS through web chat. Bit nervous because my simple English communication ability. But because of my dead end efforts, I finally contacted CS. It turns out he understood my problem. And for whatever reason, it resume to normal session. I really wanted to ask what exactly the problem is, but he had quickly ended the conversation. Good record for a web hosting.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime44444
    Customer Support33333

    I knew hostmonster from my friend. I have tried many web hostings but the result was bad. Hostmonster is the best hosting service I have ever used. The features looked good and it seemed to have a fast, reliable server. I have used their service for six months. I do not have any problem with them. I have used them to host almost all my blogs.

    Their Support is great as well. They never failed to reply to my queries within 12 hours. I am really satisfied. I absolutely recommend this site if you are looking for a good web hosting company.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime33333
    Customer Support44444

    I was a HostMonster customer for several years and was, generally speaking, happy with the service. You’d be hard pressed to find another host that offers comparable services in this price range. For around $8/month (billed quarterly), I had the ability to create an unlimited number of subdomains, add-on domains, etc., so any time I had a hint of an idea for an available domain name, I could run right over to my registrar and pick it up. They gave you cPanel access and, if you sent ID, SSH access to your account.

    There definitely were more than a few times when I had to contact their support team about problems. A couple of times, their scripts to create new DNS records for addon domains failed. Every now and then, I’d see a service outage. All that said, though, their support team usually responded pretty quickly to tickets generated through their support system and I was always satisfied by their reactions.

    All in all, I’d say HostMonster was definitely worth the price of admission. If you need 5 9’s of uptime, maybe this isn’t the right host, but for Joe Blogger…? Perfect fit. The only reason I’m not still a customer is that I eventually got a better deal (free hosting) through an event. Otherwise, I’d still be sending HostMonster money.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Reliability & Uptime33333
    Customer Support33333

    OK, but be aware of renewal fee: First year is very affordable but after that prices rise!

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HostMonster Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Which hosting plan is best at HostMonster?
Although there is only one plan for HostMonster, it is large and inclusive enough for absolutely anyone who needs hosting services. Whether you are a businessperson or an individual looking for an inexpensive hosting service, you will want to explore what this one can give you. In its one plan, it includes many basic features which come standard, such as unlimited forwarding email accounts, sub domains, and parked domains. HostMonster offers all of the features which give you the ability to do many different things and have a fast connection that is also consistent and reliable. When you sign up with HostMonster, you will get a free domain name for life, as well as domain privacy to ensure that your website is kept secure. You will also have access to 100 different MySQL databases and FTP access. No matter what your own special set of requirements is for your website, you will be able to find exactly what you need in this one plan which covers everything you could ever need. For only $6.95 a month, you can expect to get all of these features and many more. They are ideal for the average small business trying to find a cheap yet efficient host to solve all of their economic and Internet problems.
Where is HostMonster Located?
HostMonster has several locations in Utah, in both Orem and Provo. Its main headquarters are located in Orem on Research Way. You will be able to find this web hosting company's location on Google maps. To many, this is considered a sure-fire way of proving they are legitimate. Most trustworthy companies are willing to reveal their physical location if they offer services which are genuine. Those who run scams online typically do not like to reveal where they are based. Although this is not the only criteria to judge a web hosting company by, it is a start. They also offer extremely low and reasonable rates while still managing to provide quality services which are efficient and user-friendly. HostMonster is also one of the only web hosting companies to offer free things such as Google and Yahoo points for every person who signs up. They also give away a domain name for registering and provide customers with multiple unlimited features such as domain hosting. With an Internet so full of scam artists and web hosting companies just looking to make a buck, HostMonster has both reputability and reliable services.
What’s required to sign up with HostMonster?
The first thing that you will have to do before you sign up with HostMonster is to enter the domain name you wish to have hosted. If you already have one, then you will simply need to transfer it, and it is a fairly simple process which will not take long at all. You will also be able to register your own domain name on HostMonster if you do not already have one. Either way, you will be able to get started and immediately take advantage of the many features this host offers. HostMonster offers more unlimited features than any other online, so you will be able to get as much for your money as possible. When you go to sign up, you will have to fill out all of the basic information such as your name, credit card number, address, etc. HostMonster keeps all of the information you provide secured and kept away from any misuse or theft. Once you sign up and get an account with this host, you will be able to rest assured that it is in good hands. You will get a fast, reliable connection as well as a strong system of support if you have any questions or concerns regarding your service.
What’s offered for free at HostMonster?
One of the first things that you will get for free from HostMonster is a domain name. If you need a new one, then you are in luck. You won't have to pay a penny for the domain name that you receive upon completing your registration with this hosting company. Transferring a domain name that you already have is also free, so you will be able to spend more money on other things that are important to your business. As part of their site promotion, you will also get $50 in Google credits, which will certainly come in handy for you at some point. On HostMonster, search engine promotion is also free. It is a wonderful way to get the word out about your website, and your business will directly benefit from this free feature. HostMonster has also been known to provide Yahoo credits for free as well for anyone who signs up for an account. The great thing is that when you register with this host, you only have to pay $6.95 per month and you will get a variety of free and unlimited features, such as parked domains and FTP access.
What’s included in my plan from HostMonster?
When you sign up with HostMonster, you will get many different features on your plan, including unlimited domains, a free domain when first signing up, CGI library, FTP access, a CGI-BIN, and much more. You will also get the best technical support anyone could ask for. There are team members standing by to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding your service. Unlike many other hosting companies, the support for HostMonster is not outsourced, so you will be dealing with a domestically-located representative. You will also have unlimited additional FTP accounts as well as unlimited forwarding email accounts. The amount of unlimited features that you get with HostMonster cannot be matched by any other company on the web. There is just one plan available, because that is all you need. Whether you are a businessperson looking to enhance the quality of your site management or an individual who could use these services, it's a great opportunity that you should research. You will be able to go to HostMonster's official website to get a full list of the features that come with the plan they offer, which is only $6.95 per month.
What will I pay for web hosting from HostMonster?
Currently, they are offering a special promotion that has knocked the price down to just $5.95 per month. By taking advantage of this special deal, you will be able to save even more money on what you need to make your website get up and running on the web. HostMonster is more than just your average web host. You will also be able to transfer an existing domain to this host. There are multiple unlimited features, which make the low monthly rate that this company charges even more appealing. You will get a free domain name upon signing up, so you will be able to save money on that as well. The free site builder you get will help you to create and expand your website. It provides all of the most essential tools to managing a website online that you will need to be truly successful. Any business that is in need of saving money on expenses like these will want to take full advantage of the deal going on right now for HostMonster services.
What number of free domains do I get from HostMonster?
With HostMonster, you will get one free domain name upon registering and confirming your account. You will then be able to host as many domains as you wish. This unlimited feature is meant to make doing business and running multiple websites easier for customers. There are few other hosting services that you will be able to find online that offer a free domain name for just registering. When you sign up for HostMonster, you will also be able to transfer an existing domain to this website by following the appropriate steps. If you do need a transfer, then you must first make sure it is unlocked with the current registrar, then obtain the authorization code. You will need this code when you are filling out all of the transfer information on HostMonster. This will provide the necessary verification that you are the owner. The transfer process will begin and in a short while it will be complete. On HostMonster, you will be able to host all of your domains, no matter how many, with the one plan offered. Considering the low rates and multiple unlimited/free features, it is one of the better choices out there.
Should I choose short or long term contracts at HostMonster?
When deciding which contract to choose, it is important for you to keep in mind your ability to pay and whether or not you will want to keep these services for a long time. If you simply want to try out HostMonster but aren't totally convinced it is right for you, then you'll want to stick with a short-term contract, so if you are not satisfied when it is over, you will be able to find another host. If you aren't sure about whether or not this company is right for you, it doesn't make sense to get involved in a long contract. However, if you are completely convinced that you will be able to take full advantage of the features which HostMonster provides to all its customers, it might be a better option to go for the longer contract. You will end up saving a little bit of time and money while getting what you need to host your website and manage it. No matter which contract you choose, you will still be able to utilize the benefits that come with being a member, and will have access to tools to keep your business up and running.
Is HostMonster a green web host? Do they protect the environment?
HostMonster takes every possible step in trying to protect the environment and stay green. With so many other hosting companies switching to green forms of climate control for servers, this one is following suit and doing the same. Utilizing wind energy to power their servers and data center, they are a prime example of what it means to be environmentally-conscious. Those who are customers of this web hosting company are happy to know that there monthly payments are helping to promote greener practices in this industry. Helping out the environment is good for many reasons, including profit. Not only does being environmentally-responsible help promote the company's image, but it also saves on energy costs, which can skyrocket with buildings that are dedicated to web hosting. Most of them require a massive amount of energy going all the time 24 hours each day 7 days every single week. Although data centers are not yet able to rely solely on wind power and other alternative forms of energy yet, HostMonster is making every effort to ensure that it does everything within its power to reduce its carbon footprint on the planet. This is just one of the many reasons you should consider making HostMonster your new place for site-managing tools and even domain registration.
How do I sign up with HostMonster?
To sign up with HostMonster, all you have to do is visit their website and enter your current domain name. You will be taken through a simple and easy transfer process which starts with entering the password for your website. After that, you will be prompted to enter some more information regarding the authorization code from the current registrar and so on. If you do not have a domain name currently, then you will be able to register a new one for free on HostMonster. The free initial domain is just the start of all the great features available for a low price of $6.95 each month. After the sign up process is complete, you will have total access to all of the features that this hosting company provides, such as the ability to use the site instantly after you sign up. There is no waiting period for confirmation. You will be able to start using these features right after you are done filling out all the required information. If you need to transfer a domain to HostMonster, that is free too. You will also get $25 in Yahoo credits and $50 in Google credits just for signing up. You will also be happy to know that HostMonster does not outsource support for the website, so you can get all questions or concerns addressed quickly and efficiently.
HostMonster: how many websites can I host with one account?
With just one HostMonster account, you will be able to host unlimited websites/domains. Unlike many of the hosting companies which require you to upgrade to host more websites, all you have to do is get the one plan for just $6.95 each month. Sometimes you will even be able to find deals going that make the price of these monthly services even lower. When you have a HostMonster account, you will find that many of the features are unlimited. You won't have to pay extra to get them, and the services are incredibly reliable. There are also unlimited add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, additional FTP accounts, forwarding email accounts, email autoresponder, and much more. When you can host unlimited sites with a single account, you will be able to start saving a significant amount of money each month. It will give you the financial freedom you need to focus on other aspects of your business/websites. When hosting services like this one are cheap and come with a variety of unlimited features, you will be able to do more and save money at the same time. HostMonster is one of the only hosting services that offer such unlimited features/services at a low monthly rate.
Does HostMonster suck? Is HostMonster a scam?
While it may be true that there are many web hosts out there which try to scam and cheat people of their money by providing and advertising false services, HostMonster is not one of them. You will find that every single feature and rate advertised holds true. There are thousands of people who use these services each day, and you will be able to read their actual customer reviews. It is important to ask questions and probe deeper before signing with any web host. HostMonster has a strong reputation for being the best at what they do. They are experienced providers and are able to give you what you need in terms of web hosting tools and features, many of which are unlimited. Most people who choose this web host are not disappointed, mostly because of the low prices and all of the features that come with the one plan they offer. Instead of having to upgrade and pay more money to get certain things, there is just one account that provides you with what you need to successfully run every aspect of your website. HostMonster is ranked above most other mainstream companies that provide these services, and they are certainly worth taking a closer look at if you are in the market for a hosting company.
Does HostMonster offer a money back guarantee?
Once you sign up with HostMonster, you will have thirty days to try it, and if you are not satisfied you will be able to get your money back in full. The company makes this money back guarantee because it values its customers and makes every attempt to satisfy them in full. Although most customers are happy with the features that this host provides, some are not, which is why this policy can come in handy. If you own a business and are trying to find the best website to manage it with hosting services, then this one is an exceptional choice for many reasons. With HostMonster, you will get the support and features you will need to run your website, no matter what kind it is. The first step you will want to take in signing up for these services is to go on the website to the sign up page, where it will prompt you to enter your domain name. If you have an already-existing one, you can simply type it in and move forward in the process. If not, you will be able to register one free with HostMonster. After you enter that information, you will only need to fill out a few other boxes to make your registration official.
Can I use HostMonster to run my website?
You will be able to use HostMonster's services to run every aspect of your website. Before you decide on a certain plan or package, you will want to determine your specific needs. This involves reviewing all of their deals, including the unlimited plans which offer hosting space, bandwidth for your website, and unlimited domains. HostMonster offers more features and cheaper rates than just about any other hosting service on the web. Among these features are front page extensions, a free site builder, and SSH access. You will be able to pay for a plan that will cover anything you will need when it comes to running your website. No matter what your requirements are, you will be able to find them at HostMonster. You will also be able to get a free domain forever, an added bonus of signing up with this company. More and more people who need their websites run are selecting HostMonster to provide these critical tools, many of which will be responsible for keeping your own website up and running. Without the proper features and reliable service that you will get from this host, your website is doomed to complete failure.
Can HostMonster cancel my contract?
There are many different terms which you must agree to before officially signing up with HostMonster. By breaking some of the terms which you have accepted, you are subject to disciplinary action, including having your contract cancelled by administrators. Some of the different terms which you cannot break include using profanity or putting profane content on the hosted website, violating intellectual property rights, spreading or creating viruses, or hacking. Although these are fairly broad terms, HostMonster goes into more detail on their official website, which you will certainly want to look at before signing up for a contract. The different “hacking” activities prohibited by HostMonster include breaching or penetrating security measures, networks, accounts or computers. Any of these actions can result in your contract being cancelled without a refund of your money. Anonymous proxies are also considered a violation of HostMonster's terms, so you will want to avoid them entirely. By knowing what all of these terms are that you must agree to, you will decrease your chances of having any problems or having your contract be cancelled. You will be able to find a detailed list of these terms on the website for this hosting company, and it is highly recommended that you read through them carefully before proceeding with your registration.
Are promo codes, coupons or discounts available at HostMonster?
Once in a while you will be able to find promotional codes, coupons, or discounts available to save money on their services. Occasionally you will be able to see some of the special deals they are running on their main page. HostMonster is known for dropping the monthly rate down a dollar or so for a certain period of time. This is great for business-owners who wish to save as much as possible on hosting or domain registration expenses. When you are paying for a hosting service for a year, saving even a few dollars starts to add up after a while. The discounts and coupons you can get on the web mean you will be able to stay well within your budget, and get the services you need from HostMonster. There is nothing better than being able to set aside money for other aspects of business, while getting a complete list of unlimited and beneficial hosting features that allow you to run your site efficiently. HostMonster believes strongly in offering a low monthly rate, so you can afford your plan month after month. It is part of its plan to promote loyalty among customers and show their dedication to those who sign up.

Marketing and Advertising

Is it possible to have an online shop with HostMonster?
Businesses looking for a web solution to their particular online shopping needs will want to focus on HostMonster, who offers full e-Commerce tools to help you get started. You will find that by using this web host for your online shop, you will be able to accept all mainstream credit cards, so you can draw in even more customers. The e-Commerce tools are found in the cPanel, so you will have to login before you can use them. They offer a great shopping cart, which makes browsing for whatever online easier for customers. Since HostMonster is all about making things easier on clients and customers of clients, you will find a number of useful and effective tools to choose from to build up your online shop. The Marketecture e-Commerce shopping carts are super efficient, and give visitors a very easy-to-understand interface that will have them coming back for more. Since one of the main problems with online shops is their overly complicated and convoluted interface, you will be glad to know that this web host is here to help. No matter what issue you are facing, the tools which come with HostMonster’s cPanel can and will be of help to you.
How do I get traffic to my HostMonster website?
Driving traffic to your website can sometimes be a concern, which is why you should know as much as you can about HostMonster and how they can help you with your website. There is a program called Alexa which this web host offers, and it can be an invaluable tool in helping to increase traffic to your website. No matter how low your current unique visitor count is, you will be able to improve it significantly, within just days. When you get a website on HostMonster, you will obviously need to start driving traffic to it as soon as possible. While this can be done multiple ways, you will want to check out what all of your options are in the control panel. In Fantastico, there are many different scripts which you can install to increase traffic going to each of your sites. Even those who have virtually no traffic can send that number up into the hundreds within just a week or two. You’ll find that the tools and applications offered by this web host are both powerful and effective, making it a great choice for many businesses. If you feel like you need more visitors going to your site on a regular basis, then this is certainly a good web host to choose.
Does HostMonster support marketing? Do I get any credits?
Marketing credits can be a great way to help you get going with your business. While many web hosts do not offer any credits just for joining, you will find that this one does. When you sign up for an account, you will get $25 in Yahoo marketing credits, as well as $50 in Google marketing credits. These will be transferred into your account as soon as you register. You will be able to use them anyway you like, and many people find that this is one of the best things about HostMonster. They offer many free things just for joining, so you won’t have to upgrade to get them. Not having to spend more money on extra features is certainly a good thing, and it’s something which HostMonster understands completely. You will also get a free domain when you register with this company. As for the marketing credits you receive upon joining, they can be used for anything on Google or Yahoo respectively. Those who work closely with these search engines will certainly appreciate the free gift from HostMonster. When all you have to do is join to get something as great as this, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.
Does HostMonster offer Google, Yahoo or Facebook advertising credits?
When you register with HostMonster, you will get a total of $25 in Yahoo credits and $50 in Google credits. This allows you to do more with your online marketing and gives you a head start in whatever you plan on doing. HostMonster is one of the few hosting companies that gives away free marketing credits; it understands the importance of giving people an incentive to join. More and more people are seeing just how beneficial this company is when it comes to creating and running a successful website for doing business online. If you plan on working with Yahoo or Google, then these credits will be a great way to get you started. There are multiple things which HostMonster offers for free when you join, such as a domain name that you get for life. There are also many unlimited features like disk space and bandwidth, two very important things that every business needs. To receive these credits, all you have to do is register. The registration process is quick and simple, so you can start working on making your website better than ever with all the tools provided by HostMonster. They work effectively to increase your profitability and the overall success of what you are doing.
Does HostMonster offer a reseller program?
While you may not be able to get a traditional account for reselling, it is still something you can do. An increasing number of people have started reselling websites which they register on HostMonster. If you know how to go about doing it, you will find that it is a great way to make more money than what you are earning right now. By going to the support center, you will be able to learn more about how you can resell the sites you buy in order to turn a profit. There are a few things you will have to know about reselling, because you don’t want to break the rules. As a reseller, you cannot provide customers with multiple cPanel logins, partitioned spaces, partitioned bandwidth, multiple dedicated IP addresses, or multiple SSL Certificates. Doing so will mean that you are in violation of the rules and terms agreed to upon registering each website. The best thing you can do is resell the websites you register and avoid breaking any of the rules. In the end, you can make quite a bit of money as long as you stay within your legal rights and sell to the right people who are in need of HostMonster websites.
Can I take part in a HostMonster affiliate program?
The Affiliate Program, which is available through HostMonster, allows those who have a website hosted by this company to turn a profit from sales that are the result of a referral. When you join this program, you will get much more than the average web host gives you. You will be able to see the click-through ratios for the banners and links you have set up on your website. There is also a feature which lets you track all commission payments, so you can see how much you are making. You can also view all payments which have been made to you just for getting people to sign up. It’s an extremely easy to way to make quick money without having to do much work at all. If someone happens to click a link from your page and ends up joining HostMonster, you will get a share of the profit. This can be a fairly lucrative endeavor if you get enough people to join. Signing up only takes a matter of minutes; it’s an easy process that will put you on the fast-track to earning extra money. An increasing number of people are doing it because they know just how financially beneficial it can be.
Can I host my business website with HostMonster?
HostMonster is indeed one of the better hosting websites for those who run a business. Because of all the unlimited features, such as bandwidth, storage space, and domains, it is ideal for businesses of all kinds. You will also get unlimited email accounts, so everyone in the company can get one. Having all of these features be unlimited is sometimes an absolute necessity in the business world, making HostMonster a particularly wise choice for those in need of these services. The free site builder this web hosts includes is another reason for businesses to choose this web host. It will help you get your site up and running, so you won’t have to wait longer than necessary to get started making money. The free domain you get just for signing up lasts forever, so there is no “trial period” like with other web hosts. Businesses will want to consider HostMonster as a possibility. They run their systems using sophisticated software and hardware technology, boasting a 99.9% uptime. Since one of the most important aspects of running a business online is consistency, you will want to choose this very reliable host. They give businesses a mix of practicality and flexibility, so you can be in control of what you want and what you don’t.

Servers, Software and Setup

Where are the servers of HostMonster based?
Knowing the physical location of the server you are using is important, and HostMonster’s main data center and headquarters are located in Orem, Utah. By knowing where exactly they are based out of, you will feel a little bit more comfortable with using them. With all of the different web hosting companies running scams to cheat people out of their money, it’s always good to know that a certain business is legitimate. HostMonster purposely makes this information public, so people will be more inclined to trust them. This location in Utah is where they operate out of, and it includes the servers which they use to run all customers’ websites. After finding out the physical location of this web hosting company, you will most likely feel more inclined to believe that they are not simply a false business trying to get money from gullible people online. The location that is used to store their servers is completely secure, giving you peace of mind, so you will know that your website will continue running no matter what. When you sign up for HostMonster, you will get an American IP address, so you won’t have to worry about any issues with foreign IP’s.
What number of MySQL Databases do I get HostMonster for signing up?
There are 100 MySQL databases included with every HostMonster account. These databases are necessary if you want to add something like a blog, shopping cart, or forum to your website. In order to install the scripts for these types of additions, you will first need to create a new database. Since you will have 100 of them, your options are pretty unlimited when it comes to what you can have. Very rarely do people need to use more than 100 databases for all of the different things they want to do with their site. You will be able to access your databases by going into the cPanel. It will be necessary for you to login with your username and password before you can do anything. The setup process for your databases is relatively quick and easy, so there shouldn’t be any problems there. These databases come in handy for many different things, some of which are listed above. If you plan on having something like a forum or shopping cart on your site, you will need a database. Many programs, which are common for businesses to use on their sites, need these MySQL databases as well, so they are quite necessary.
What number of email addresses do I get at HostMonster for signing up?
With a HostMonster account comes many perks, including getting unlimited email addresses. Businesses will be delighted to learn that a single basic account can have so many different accounts. You will be able to assign every single employee their own email address, so it will be easier and more efficient for you as a whole. The unlimited number of pop/IMAP email accounts will come in handy when you are running your own business. It’s just easier when every employee can have their own, and HostMonster understands that completely. With a HostMonster account, you can also expect to get spam protection for each email address you have. Nobody likes to deal with spam in their inbox, and when you sign up for a HostMonster account, you won’t have to any longer. The sophisticated software this company uses protects against web threats such as viruses, spyware, and spam. Although too many people fall victim to viral email attachments, this is not a concern when you use HostMonster. They ensure that every single customer who has an email account does not have to look at a single piece of spam, or deal with any viruses whatsoever. All in all it’s a great deal for a low monthly price.
What control panel does HostMonster provide? Do they offer cPanel?
After going through many different versions, HostMonster’s cPanel has been designed for the average user. You will not have to worry about spending hours trying to figure out how to navigate in it. The control panel offers many different features, all of which you will be able to see in some way or another. One of these features is a free site builder. This will help you to get your website up and running, looking as sharp and impressive as possible. All businesses will want to take into consideration that a good-looking website is key to being successful in the long term. Another feature in the cPanel is a variety of scripts you can choose from, many of which are completely free. These scripts can be used to put up anything from forums to shopping carts and blogs. Whatever your intentions are for your website, these scripts can be very useful to you. There are also many MySQL databases available to you, which are needed in order to install the scripts mentioned above. You will also get Apache and numerous security features that will protect you completely. HostMonster’s comprehensive and easy-to-use cPanel is ideal for just about anyone in need of these services.
Is it possible to transfer domains to and from HostMonster?
If you do not need a new domain when registering on HostMonster but rather want to transfer an existing one, you will be pleased to know that it is a relatively simple process. The first thing you will need to do in this process is to go login to the cPanel, entering your user name and password. Once you are in, you will need to go to the domain manager. You will be able to see a full list of all current domains hosted by HostMonster. If the website you want is not on that list, then you will need to direct it to the website’s server. Once you ready to transfer it, you’ll want to simply click on “transfer” next to the domain name. You will be required to log into the current registrar where the domain is registered. Once you have done that you will need to get the proper authorization code to bring back to HostMonster. Enter the code and click the verification code to email it. After completing all of these steps, the process will begin. Expect it to take around 7 days, and after it is all done you should receive an email. It is important to make sure the email you have on file is correct, so you will know exactly when it has transferred.
HostMonster: which server technology do they apply?
Knowing what server technology your web host uses is important for obvious reasons, and HostMonster implements only the most modern servers to ensure quality service for all customers. Their servers operate on Xeon quad processing technology by Intel, as well as an OC-48 backbone connection for extra speed and efficiency. Customers want to know that their money will be going to good use, and with these servers, you will know that this is the case regarding HostMonster. The fact that they also have synchronous optical networking is an added bonus. These are the reasons why HostMonster can offer such an amazing uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent. Businesses should especially consider choosing this host because of the technology it uses to run each customer’s website. The high-speed and powerful processors also ensure that there will be plenty of bandwidth for you to use at any time in the day no matter what. While you will find that most web hosts cannot make these kinds of claims honestly, HosMonster can. They have both the technology and staff members to run a smooth and effective operation, making them a top choice among businesses and individuals looking for hosting services online.
HostMonster: is their technology secure?
The facilities use to store servers for HostMonster are extremely secure, using all of the latest security measures to ensure total and complete protection. The computer monitoring which this company implements runs 24/7 to make sure that there are no system malfunctions whatsoever. This way, HostMonster technicians will immediately know if there is a problem, so there will be a minimal amount of downtime. They also have a UPS alternative power supply which allows all of the systems to keep running in the event of an outage. These are just some of the reasons that HostMonster can boast a 99.9% uptime for all customers. The synchronized universal power systems means that the systems which are used as servers will always function properly and at very high speeds. The reason that you will be able to get so much data transferred in such little time is because this company devotes their time and energy to security and efficiency. They make sure that all systems are protected with only the best technology, so the connection which is responsible for running your website will not go out. Customers can rest easy knowing that both the systems at the HostMonster data center and the building itself is well-protected.
HostMonster: do they offer Drupal, Expression Engine or Serendipity?
One of the great things about HostMonster is that it supports Serendipity, Expression Engine, and Drupal. In the control panel, you will find Fantastico, which offers a number of scripts you can use to install these programs. You will of course need to set up separate databases for each installation. This consists of simply coming up with a username and password, so you will be able to log in with your secure information every time. Each of these applications can be very useful to those who are in a business and need to improve profits and the overall look of their site. To look at all of the scripts available for Drupal, all you will have to do is login to the cPanel, entering all of your information, and then go to “simple scripts”, then “drupal”, then “Drupal version 6.6”. This will take you to all of the scripts you could ever need for this powerful framework tool. With Drupal, you will be able to do things such as enable voting, create a blog, contact page, and even a member log in for each person. You will be able to add numerous things to your existing page, and there is no coding required whatsoever.
HostMonster: do they offer a free website builder for creating my website?
The free site builder which HostMonster offers is easy-to-use, and offers customers a great way to get started when trying to create their own site. A lot of beginners find this feature to be particularly nice. It allows you to build up your website, and add certain features such as a virtual shopping cart application, which your customers will adore, . This allows all of your visitors to add certain items to their “cart”, and checkout whenever they are ready. The site builder also gives you the option of adding certain scripts that enable you to have blogs, forums, and more on your site. When you go into the site builder and start to explore, you will notice that there are a lot of options available. One of the most important aspects of a website is how it looks, which is why this site builder focuses on aesthetics quite a bit. This means that you will be able to select the overall theme to use for your site. Those who run online businesses will be especially glad to know that this feature is totally free. You won’t have to pay anything extra, and you get all the benefits of having a powerful site-building tool to use at your leisure.
HostMonster: are servers and data secure?
HostMonster keeps all of their servers, as well as data, secure with advanced technology and software. When you are a HostMonster customer, you can be sure that all of your information is secure. Because of the increase in cyber crimes involving identity theft and hacking, this company has taken extraordinary measures to protect the privacy of its customers. You will find that this host implements software programs, which act as data guards, so no matter what, you will not have to worry about having your information accessed by someone who does not work for HostMonster. These anti-virus programs ensure that any security breach is recognized, and disposed of before it becomes a problem. This company uses certain applications that not only protect from viruses, but also unauthorized attempts to access their system. If an unauthorized attempt occurs, employees will be notified immediately. With the multiple firewalls and programs running on each machine, it is nearly impossible to hack their systems. This gives customers peace of mind because they know that their information is totally and completely secure, protected by state-of-the-art security applications. HostMonster is one of the few companies to take extra precautions against hackers, because it values customer privacy as well as efficiency.
Does HostMonster provide Fantastico? What is it for?
HostMonster is just one of the many web hosts that offer Fantastico. It can be an extremely useful tool for those who run a business. Anyone who wants to make their online marketing endeavors easier and more efficient will want to check out this feature. It allows you to install numerous scripts, including ones that be used to put blogs, forums, and even shopping carts on your website. With the help of Fantastico, you will be able to install applications such as Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Siteframe, Post-Nuke, and Mambo Open Source. It is important to look at all of your options when it comes to what you can use this feature for. Fantastico has a lot of great scripts, which you can take advantage of. For example, anyone who wants to put a WordPress blog on their site needs to go through Fantastico. Learning how to use this feature is important, because many other hosts offer it. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides a great way to do whatever you want with your website and business as a whole. It also allows you to install Xoops and other applications and tools which can be useful when you are running a business. The more tools you have the better, and Fantastico has plenty of them.
Does HostMonster provide 1-click-installation for software?
1-Click installation is available for anyone who has a HostMonster account. This is a feature which often comes in handy when trying to install applications like Joomla or WordPress blogs. When you have this feature, you will find that doing just about anything is easier, and goes a lot faster. Anyone who wishes to put a WordPress blog on their site will be happy that HostMonster supports 1-click installation. Whether you want to put Droople, Joomla, or WordPress on your site, this is a great host to choose. They offer all of the nice easy convenient features you expect from a web host. One of the reasons why people like 1-click installation so much is because it’s easy and doesn’t take that long. The alternative to it is extremely slow and tedious, which nobody wants to deal with. There are dozens of applications you will find that you can use with 1-click installation. It is a feature that comes basic with HostMonster, so you won’t have to pay extra for it when you get an account. It’s available to all members, and you will be able to use it with multiple programs, so you aren’t limited at all.
Does HostMonster protect me against virus and spam threats?
Spam and viruses are normally accepted as a fact of life online. However, that doesn’t have to be the case when you become a customer of HostMonster. They use Postini, a sophisticated software application which prevents spam from getting in to your email account. You will find that once you start taking advantage of these services, the amount of spam you see in your account will be virtually nonexistent. All of the common threats on the Internet such as phishing and viruses attached to messages will no longer be a problem. Postini effectively clears your inbox of all traces of spam. You can be sure that with HostMonster, your inbox will only contain legitimate messages. The built-in anti-virus protection is of course another great feature when combating Internet threats. These are all advanced, comprehensive applications that make sure no matter what, your account is free of viruses and spam. You will be able to view reports of certain files which were identified as threats, and as a result, quarantined. Postini will go through and examine all of the new messages you get in your inbox and tag them accordingly. It can recognize all forms of spam and viruses, so you don’t have to go through and do it yourself.
Does HostMonster offer phpBB or other forums?
Many people with websites hosted by HostMonster run businesses, and therefore require their sites to have forums. By having these on your website, you will be able to allow visitors the chance to talk amongst themselves and discuss a variety of topics. If you plan on having one on your page, then you will first want to log into the cPanel. After that, you will need to select “Fantastico”, which is a great tool that allows you to install a number of scripts. You will also be able to use phpBB to install a forum of your choice on your website. When you have a website with HostMonster, you will get full access to phpBB 3.0. It is an excellent way to create a forum that will be perfect for your website. You will be able to install the script of your choosing, and come up with a unique site design that will have people coming back time and time again. The way a forum looks is certainly important, which is why there are so many different scripts provided by HostMonster. You will be able to look through all of them and determine which ones would be best for your own purposes.
Does HostMonster offer FTP access?
You will get full FTP access with a HostMonster account, making it a rather attractive offer for those who are looking for such services. You will get complete control of multiple FTP accounts, with the ability to add sub-domain accounts if necessary. Another nice feature is that you will also be able to go into the settings and change the way FTP users are identified. If you want to, you can make all of them anonymous. If you go into the cPanel and click on “FTP accounts”, it will bring you to the maintenance page. On the maintenance page, you will be able to create new accounts, delete existing ones, set quotas, and set passwords for each individual account. When it comes to FTP access, you will be able to do numerous things, setting up each account as you wish. HostMonster is a good web host in the sense that they put a lot of the control in your hands. They certainly do not limit you when it comes to the amount of access each individual user gets. The manager part is for those who wish to upload files. The FTP file manager is extremely user-friendly with a simple interface that you will find refreshing in comparison with other ones from different web hosts.
Can I use my WordPress blog at HostMonster? How?
You will be able to install your WordPress blog on your HostMonster website by following a relatively short and simple process. This web host offers numerous themes in Fantastico, which is located in the cPanel. You will be able to go through multiple looks and determine which best fits your website. To initially install your WordPress theme, you will need log into the cPanel and then find Fantastico. From there, you will be able to find multiple scripts to use to install your blog. HostMonster provides a video tutorial on their website for you to access, so you will be able to see every single step that is involved with installing your blog. It is a very simple and straightforward process that shouldn't cause any trouble for you. Those who have WordPress blogs will be happy to know that you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it. Besides just WordPress, there are a few other scripts available for installation, such as Nucleus and b2evolution. All of these will be able to help you to install the blog you want on your website as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get it active in no time.
Can I have Joomla on HostMonster account? How?
Anyone who has a HostMonster account will be able to install and use Joomla. The installation process itself is easy, and you shouldn’t have a very tough time with it. You will of course need to download the file, unzip it, and upload it to a directory. You must choose the domain where you want to upload it. If you only have one of them, then it will be even easier. All you will have to do is go to your public_html folder and take it from there. After you have done that, you will need to make sure you get a database. HostMonster offers 100 databases for these kinds of reasons. They understand just how much customers need to use them for various things. Once you have created the MySQL database, you will need to set up your database to install Joomla by going into the cPanel. Look for the “database” section, and click the icon. After you’ve done that, you will need to enter a username and password to access this individual database. This is a security measure which HostMonster takes, so no unauthorized persons can access them. From there, it is fairly straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Service, Support and Feedback

What speed can I expect from HostMonster web hosting?
Those who are considering HostMonster as the company to go with for these types of services will want to know just how fast they are. This company uses Intel Xeon quad servers with high-speed processing technology. Essentially this means that the systems used to host all of the websites of customers are state-of-the-art. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, they are certainly one of the better hosts to consider. Most people who have paid for their services in the past have been more than satisfied with the results. While you will find that many hosts use a typical TS-3 connection for transmitting network data, HostMonster takes it up a notch, implementing OC-49 technology for their main backbone connection. This means that no matter what, you will be able to depend on them for a stable, quick, and reliable connection overall. They offer their customers more bandwidth than any other company. If you are a business looking for the very best deal when it comes to web hosting, this company should be on the top of your list. They have a long reputation of serving customers well and providing excellent support in the rare event that there is any downtime at all.
What kind of support does HostMonster offer?
HostMonster has a help center on their website to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the services you pay for, whether for hosting or domain registration. One of your options is to open up a ticket. You will be able to fill out of a form which details your problem, so the representatives at HostMonster will be able to understand and help you out as soon as possible. These tickets are typically read and responded to within a short time after they are submitted by customers. Another option that you have in terms of support for this website is the user forum. This will give you the option to seek out help from the community on this website. Despite what preconceived notions you may have, this forum can be a great place to get quick answers on all of the issues you need addressed. There are many knowledgeable users who regularly check the forum for posts made by people who are in need such as yourself. You will also be able to instantly check the server status of any domain that you may have registered on HostMonster. These support services are designed to help customers as quickly and effectively as possible, so there are no big waiting periods before you get your problems taken care of.
What about reviews and ratings for HostMonster?
As you go to check the ratings and reviews for HostMonster, you will see that most of them are positive and say fairly good things about the Utah-based hosting company. One sign a company is trustworthy is they have good overall reviews from customers who have used their service. There is nothing better than getting information from people who know exactly what the company is like. While it is true that you always get a certain amount of negative reviews mixed in with the good, most people who have used HostMonster web hosting and domain registration say that they have reliable services and a variety of useful features. The help center on HostMonster's website is another positive aspect of this company that is often commented on in online reviews. You will see that most of them are positive, listing off numerous things they enjoyed as a customer of this company. When you see a web hosting business with such a massive amount of favorable reviews, it is hard to ignore them when considering where to go for hosting.
Is there a HostMonster help center?
The HostMonster help center will be able to assist you with anything you need, including answering questions regarding your service. You will also be able to check on the server status for any of the websites you have hosted on the website. There are multiple options when it comes to getting help or an answer for a problem you are having, one of which is the forums. There is a whole online community waiting to help you out with anything you need. The forums can be used to post a question regarding anything you may be wondering about so that you may get an answer. You may also fill out a ticket by visiting the help center. All you have to do is describe what your question or problem is, and the ticket will be processed in a quick and timely manner. When you go to fill out a ticket, you will be prompted with a list of categories. You will have to fill in the bubble next to the one which best matches what problem you are having with your service. The terms of service are also located in the help center for your convenience, so you will be able to know the entire list of do's and don't of HostMonster.
How reliable is HostMonster?
HostMonster is among the most reliable of hosting companies available online. You will find that behind its many features and remarkably low price is substance and attentiveness to its customers. The uptime experienced by most customers of HostMonster greatly outweighs the downtime. When you are trying to run a business online, you will find that reliability is one of the most important things when it comes to what you should look for in a web host. This company will be able to provide that for you at a minimum of expense to yourself. With the advanced server technology this hosting company uses, you will be able to count on the services they provide all the time. In the unlikely event that you do experience any period of downtime, you will be able to notify them right away via a support line. They will work quickly and efficiently to solve the problem as quickly as possible, so you don't have to spend a second more than is necessary waiting around for your connection to return. By investing your money in HostMonster, you will ensure that your website stays up and running a majority of the time. With this company, you get quality and consistent service.
Does HostMonster offer tutorials? Video tutorials?
There are many different video tutorials that you will be able to find on HostMonster. They can be extremely helpful when trying to figure out how to do something on the website, whether it is creating an email account or an autoresponder. You will be able to watch visual step-by-step instructions, allowing you to learn everything you need in a minimal period of time. Unlike many other hosting websites which use text to explain how to do things on the site, this one utilizes video. You will also be able to find out how much disk space you are currently using, how to set up Google Apps for email, modify MX entries, set up a cron job, and much more. The video tutorials are located in the help center, along with the community forums and the option of filling out a ticket for further assistance. No matter what you need to know how to do, you can find a quick and simple explanation as how to do it. This is just one of the things which set this host apart from many of the others online. It's important to go through the list of video tutorials to make sure you understand everything involved with having an account.
Do I get an uptime guarantee with HostMonster?
HostMonster makes a unique guarantee of 99.9% uptime, with the only exceptions being for purposes of maintenance or unexpected power outages. With this host, you will be able to know that your website will continue to run smoothly at all times. Using an advanced Universal Power System for their servers in the unlikely event of an electrical outage, all of the websites registered on HostMonster keeps running normally. The Xeon servers which this company uses are frequently updated with all the proper software, so there are hardly ever any problems with downtime. With many other hosting companies promising only 99% uptime or not guarantee at all, you will be getting something unique with this one. Another problem commonly encountered with other hosting sites is that they are constantly down for regular/routine maintenance. When you choose HostMonster, you will be notified in advance of any work being done on the servers which will result in downtime. Otherwise, you can expect to run your sites like you would on any other day. The powerful and unique technology which this host utilizes makes it one of the few that can actually live up to the promise it makes regarding uptime. When you begin to use their services, you will notice just how consistent and reliable they truly are.
Customers opinions about HostMonster?
When looking for a quality web host, reading reviews from customers is one important measure to take to ensure that your money will not go to waste. When it comes to HostMonster, a majority of customers review their services favorably, claiming that they are reliable, consistent, and inexpensive. Although there be the occasional negative review for just about anything, you will see that when weighing the good against the bad, this is a hosting company which has received more positive reviews than negative ones. It is important to look at customer reviews on a couple of different websites, as you should never take the word of the company itself. Because most web hosting companies will tell you anything to convince you they are the best, it is that much more crucial that you do your own independent investigation for committing to a singular company for hosting services. Most customers also tend to agree that HostMonster provided excellent service to those who are registered and have signed up. Unlike many other hosting companies, the support staff is not outsourced. This makes it much easier to deal with when an issue occurs. Customers also tend to concur that HostMonster is one of the best companies with regards to offering free or unlimited features.
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