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After I logged in for the first time to my webhostingpad’s cPanel I found myself being rather confused about the mass of icons on my homepage, where every icon displays one more or less useful and important part the control panel. I want to prevent you from struggling with the same issue by giving a short description of every single icon. This article handles the Preference Tab and its icons.
Getting Started Wizard cPanel webhostingpad


As described in my last post, the Getting Started Wizard helps making your very first steps in the cPanel, basically describing your FTP directories, setting up an email account and changing your cPanel color scheme.

Video Tutorials at cPanel, webhostingpad


Having video tutorials available is always helpful, since you can watch the video and do what it says at the same time without always having to switch back to e.g. a text documentation. These tutorials cover everything from MySQL, Subdomains, Redirects, IP Deny Manager, Backups, Branding, Mail and so much more.

Change your password in the cPanel of webhostingpad


Along with some very useful tips according to your password here you can simply change your cPanel password. the form automatically validates and shows you how strong your password is and also generates a 100/100 safe password for you. You can use A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and special characters like {}#@,.- and so on. There is also a video tutorial available.

Update your contact info in the cPanel of webhostingpad


Self-explanatory as it is, you can update your contact email in the “Contact Information & Preferences” part of the cPanel. Add a second email to receive notivications and set the preferences when to receive those notifications.

Change the theme of cPanel's webhostingpad


In the “Change Style” section of the cPanel you can easily switch the default theme (“root”) to another. Since you are spending lots of time in the cPanel, it’s always good to make it look good. I am using “the beach” with some nice discreet sandy tones and a big shell at the top.

Change the language of the cPanel of webhostingpad


Remember being requested to change the cPanel language in the Getting Started Wizard? Here’s where you can do it again if you made any mistake. Available are: English, German, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Iberian Spanish, French and Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Chinese.

Add a link to cPanel to your desktop or bookmarks toolbar


If you want to access your control panel in a fast and easy way, you can add a shortcut to your desktop or bookmarks toolbar. Either you add the Access cPanel or the Access cPanel Webmail shortcut simply by dragging and dropping it to your desktop.

I hope this explanations help you to get started in the big world of your control panel. The next article will handle the “Mail” tab icons of your cPanel homepage.

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