First steps in cPanel: the Control Panel of my hosting webspace

So I registered at webhostingpad and got the neccessary information via email on where and how to log in to the cPanel. Briefly after I found myself being rather confused by the immense amount of icons and categories in my cPanel (and wondering if I needed all of them), a popup showed up asking me if I needed help taking my first steps by the Getting Started Wizard.

Webhostingpad cPanel First Login
The popup tells me there are video tutorials available to watch as well, so for everyone who prefers watching a video rather than reading pages of documentation, the webhostingpad team is prepared for that. Yet I do want to take advantage of the Getting Started Wizard and click “Get Started Now”. After doing so the Wizard takes me to a page requesting me to choose a language. There’s pretty much every major language available, but yet of course I stick to English. After saving my settings I can either jump to a section of my choice to read the documentation or follow the Wizard step by step, which I will do.

cPanel FTP informationWhat follows is a brief explanation on the FTP file directories. Basically explaining where I need to put publicly available files for everyone to access and where to put my html files, which will be the website in the end. Next the Wizard takes me to registering an email address. The password creator sure helps finding a save password.

Webhostingpad cPanel themesAfter setting some preferences for notifications and entering an alternate email address for them, I get to choose a theme for my cPanel. This is not neccessarily the most important setting, but it’s a nice bonus to be able to choose the color scheme for the control panel, since I am going to spend lots of time here.
So I choose my favorite color, hit save and am ready for the next step in the Wizard. But apparently there is none, because i get “Congratulations” for finishing the Getting Started Wizard. I am done, but I must admit I expected more detailed information on the cPanel, all the icons and categories, so I continued searching for additional help and found the Documentation link at the very bottom of the page.
webhostingpad cPanel documentationForwarding me to the extensive documentation page, I clicked on the User Guide and found every neccessary information I needed for now such as Preferences, Mail, Security and much more. This should help me finding my way through all the functions the cPanel offers. If I want to change the language afterwards or need to know the FTP information again I can always access the Getting Started Wizard afterwards via the cPanel under Preferences (default: first row, first icon). 

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