Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Server Hosting, and when do I need “dedicated” servers for my website?

The average web hosting platform is not always going to be sufficient to meet the needs of a larger business or a thriving self startup website. This is because the majority of server and hosting solutions currently in existence ask you to share both your server and important system resources with other people hosting their own sites. While the majority of customers may be able to make do with such a set up, people who are interested in having sufficient amounts of

  • disk space
  • RAM
  • bandwidth
  • flexibility
  • security and
  • overall performance

may seek out better options. Both companies and individuals whose needs demand greater resources, flexibility, and control are best served by a different kind of hosting solution, which is dedicated web hosting through dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers, which are also described as dedicated hosting, refer to when an individual computer server is reserved solely for a single business or customer. As a rule, you will lease or purchase the hardware from a web host provider and typically receive a number of features such as routing equipment, internet connectivity equipment, and network monitoring.

Through a dedicated server web hosting set up, you will face different options than those faced by people in typical hosting environments, as you will have all of the resources of the network and hosting system to yourself, such as the bandwidth, disk space, memory, and processing power. Because you will not have to share these server resources with individual or several or dozens of other members, you will experience performance that is much faster and more consistent.

Perhaps the most important advantage of having a dedicated web hosting solution for your website is that you will have more administrative control and authority. This means you will be able to determine the software you want installed, from operating systems to security applications.Practically, there are many different situations where it might be advantageous to have dedicated web hosting for web sites.

Two real life examples are as follows:

First, you might start a small business from home, such as one where you make arts and crafts such as tee shirts or pottery and want to sell them to people. While you can borrow server space from a shared server and host your website in such a way, it might be better to have your own site on your own dedicated server so you have more bandwidth, more consistent and reliable uptime, and your own domain through which you can create a memorable name for your website.

Alternatively, you might want to set up a site for some kind of a forum, such as a forum dedicated to fashion. Such a website could easily begin to accumulate large amounts of traffic and bandwidth. As a result, it would be to your advantage to have dedicated web hosting, as this would allow you to more easily and reliably handle the increased traffic and uptime requirements faced by a site that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people visit each day.

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