Databases Tab in cPanel: Easy MySQL control from setup to phpmyadmin

If you are planning to create a WordPress or Joomla website, databases are needed for organizing, storing and managing your website’s posts, comments or any other content. Get an overview over the Databases section in your cPanel control panel in this tutorial.


cPanel webhostingpad Databases section



MySQL Databases:Once you want to use a Content Management System (short: CMS) like WordPress or Joomla on your webspace in order to create a website, you will have to create a database to store all the information like posts, comments or polls. You will have to have the privileges to create, edit or delete a database, which makes it pretty secure. There’s a video tutorial available for this section of your cPanel.


MySQL Database Wizard cPanel



MySQL Database Wizard: The MySQL Database Wizard helps creating a database step by step, including descriptive and helpful explanations. Use the video tutorial if you are unsure on how to create a database.


PHP My Admin on webhostingpad's cPanel



phpMyAdmin: Clicking on this icon will lead you directly to the phpMyAdmin part of your server in a new tab or window. Here you can easily create databases or take a look at the structure of existing ones. The phpMyAdmin Panel is very extensive so you might want to check for upcoming tutorials on this topic to get to know your way through this panel.


Remote My SQL in the cPanel



Remote MySQL: You might want to allow certain people to access your database in order to help you setting up something if you are not sure on how to do it. To do so you can add a domain in the prepared textfield, then the host is able to access your database on your website.


If this tutorial helped you getting an overview on the items, and you know why databases are important for your website, but you don’t feel like you are ready to enter the world of phpMyAdmin yet, check back for additional tutorials on this topic.

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