cPanel logs and website statistics: Control what happens on your homepage!

The logs tab of your cPanel (Web Hosting Control Panel) is a very useful, informative part. Being able to check the latest 300 visitors and errors on your website you gain full control over your site. Here are the different parts of the Logs Tab, and what you can use them for:
Latest visitors graphics on webhostingpad's cPanel


Latest Visitors: On this page you will see the 300 latest visitors who have accessed your site. It lists the IP, URL, Time of access, Size in bytes, referring URL and User agent.

Bandwidth control in the cPanel


Bandwidth: When registering on webhostingpad, choosing the package that suits your needs is important. One criteria of choosing is how much traffic you plan on having on your site. The charts show traffic for today, the last 7 days and 12 months in bits/second. The charts include all HTTP and POP bandwidth usage, and might include FTP if FTP bandwidth logging is enabled.

cPanel's webalizer


Webalizer: Being rather complex, this chart is informative when it comes to statistics about who has visited your site.

webalizer FTP in the cPanel


Webalizer FTP: This page does the same as “Webalizer” above, but for your FTP account.

Raw Access Logs on webhostingpad's cPanel


Raw Access Log: Here you can download a zip file containing the sever’s access log for the site. Without any graphs you can quickly see who visited your site. You can also choose to archive logs monthly in the home directory automatically.

Error Log in the cPanel


Error Log: Detecting broken links and missing files (e.g. the favicon is missing) is helpful if done quickly. Viewing the error log for your website helps informing you about the latest 300 errors on your page and where to solve them.

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