Databases Tab in cPanel: Easy MySQL control from setup to phpmyadmin

If you are planning to create a WordPress or Joomla website, databases are needed for organizing, storing and managing your website’s posts, comments or any other content. Get an overview over the Databases section in your cPanel control panel in this tutorial.       MySQL Databases:Once you want to use a Content Management System […]

The cPanel “Domains” tab: Set up Subdomains, Addon Domains, Redirects and more

Easy to remember URLs is the main topic of this part of your cPanel. Learn how to create subdomains, redirects or parked domains to make it easy to access your website and its important subpages.     Subdomains: You want to set up a support forum for your customers or a frequently asked questions section, […]

Manage and backup your files in cPanel: Easy via the “Files” Tab!

cPanel, your Web Host’s control panel (your hosting administrator panel) allows you to easily manage and backup all the files you need for your website, without needing FTP. Explaining the items in the “Files” section of your cPanel, this article is meant to give you brief explanations on the mass of icons that may appear […]

cPanel logs and website statistics: Control what happens on your homepage!

The logs tab of your cPanel (Web Hosting Control Panel) is a very useful, informative part. Being able to check the latest 300 visitors and errors on your website you gain full control over your site. Here are the different parts of the Logs Tab, and what you can use them for:   Latest Visitors: […]

The cPanel Security Tab: Website Security Settings and options explained

Site security is one of the most important aspects of obtaining a website. Controlling who has access, disabling bandwidth stealing and protecting areas of your FTP is explained in this article.   Password Protect Directories: Protecting some of your directories may be crucial if you e.g. want to share files with customers. So once you […]

How to set up E-Mail in cPanel: Icons-Explanation in detail

This article explains the items in the “Mail” tab of your Web Host’s cPanel homepage. Even though not all of the items are equally important, yet it is important to know what they are about. You will most likely first make use of email accounts, forwarders, webmail and auto email responders. See below…   Email […]

Hosting Control Panel – “cPanel” overview: Preferences

After I logged in for the first time to my webhostingpad’s cPanel I found myself being rather confused about the mass of icons on my homepage, where every icon displays one more or less useful and important part the control panel. I want to prevent you from struggling with the same issue by giving a […]

First steps in cPanel: the Control Panel of my hosting webspace

So I registered at webhostingpad and got the neccessary information via email on where and how to log in to the cPanel. Briefly after I found myself being rather confused by the immense amount of icons and categories in my cPanel (and wondering if I needed all of them), a popup showed up asking me […]

It is so easy to sign up for a web hosting plan (shared hosting)

Most people think that starting your own, self hosted website would be very complicated. In fact, it isn’t at all. Today we have signed up with Webhostingpad, a typical, affordable shared hosting provider. There you’ll get anything you might need to get started for a few dollars a month. Keep control and rights over your […]

How green is green web hosting really?

We see a lot of web hosting advertising for green hosting plans lately. But do hosts that call their hosting “green” really power all of their servers with 100%, 130% or 300% environmental-friendly energy? Am I right in my good conscience that my website is now running on pure sun or wind energy, or is […]

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